Re: “Laithwaite Train” speed record


Date: 2015-04-21 23:39:11

It’s amazing and saddening simultaneously. Amazing to witness the Japanese people striving to improve upon existing technology, saddening to see that British scientists are nowhere to be seen when it comes to associating themselves with Laithwaite’s legacy and even more saddening to think that this is the limitation of our current propulsion systems on earth, knowing what has been observed in the skies. Also shades of Frank Whittle…Many moons ago, I won a school prize and was awarded a book token which had to be used on something ‘academic’. My Dad (a metallurgist) was a secret Laithwaite fan and steered me to buy ‘Why does a glow worm glow’ by E R Laithwaite Why does a glow-worm glow?: E. R Laithwaite: 9780899430058: Books      Why does a glow-worm glow?: E. R Laithwaite: 9780899430058: BooksBuy Why does a glow-worm glow? by E. R Laithwaite (ISBN: 9780899430058) from Amazon’s Book Store. Free UK delivery on eligible orders.View on by Yahoo I wish I still had a copy because I wore it out; but it really instilled in me the importance of asking questions within a scientific context. Thanks Dad, thanks Ben and thanks Eric! 

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