Re: Marcus Allen on the Moon Landings- Tonight!

From: jon_devlin

Date: 2015-04-23 16:52:55

Hey Ben, just listened to much of the Marcus Allen interview and moving Adagio at the end. If I have been remiss in the past for not complimenting your website as its very well put together and you must spend so much time with all your writing and shows and I do like your unassuming wit that you interject into it.In terms of the main subject that you were discussing with Marcus, yes I’d listened to Jarrah White (in my opinion the best NASA/Moon debunker there is) a few months ago on this very subject, as you also mention in the interview. I’ve added the link for anyone interested should there be anyone not familiar with Jarrah?Just with the UFO debate (as you might have detected in my replies) I’m not 100% decided if they are Human in origin or from another place in space (I don’t buy into the Space/Time Quantum nonsense)? It’s the same for the Moon, if we have the technology that it appears we do then I assume that getting there in this technology should not be difficult? I don’t believe that the Apollo missions ever went out of low earth orbit when any of the humans that we were told about were involved although I’d accept that some of the probes probably did?I think that anyone interested in this subject (or indeed any) should also consider that it would be highly unlikely, that the same people who instigated 100Million + deaths during the past 100 years, are not the same people behind the Space/Technology subterfuge? I think is beyond doubt. Now, if you entertain this, then what ends do you think these people would go to in this area of Space deceit? This is my reason for not believing that you’ll ever get any honest disclosure because of who you are dealing with and the absolute power they have over every person on the Planet.NVIDIA Moons Their Customers… Again! NVIDIA Moons Their Customers… Again! Last September NVIDIA announced that with their Maxwell GTX970/980 graphics cards and Global Illumination software, they were able to determine the cause o… View on Preview by Yahoo  

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