“There’ll be Blue sky’s Over …….”

From: jon_devlin

Date: 2015-04-27 10:31:12

I was walking to catch my commuter train into central London from SW London and noted an unusual phenomenon, a perfectly Blue sky. It was such that I stopped and looked 360 degrees to see how complete this was and to my astonishment it was completely blue (or a little lighter in a distant direction). I don’t know about your normal sky colour or condition but mine in London are a constant mesh of Chem-trails with the resultant haze that blocks both sun and sky. The last time that I saw this same condition was in 2010 when all the aircraft had that agreement not to fly because of the Icelandic Volcano. I think we can probably say that the only thing that was probably real about that exercise was the Volcano. The other thing I noted, and I’m sure it wasn’t linked, was how quiet it was this morning over my particular air-corridor, I saw only 1 aeroplane at a height that didn’t produce any train con or otherwise. Very odd and if we add the metronomic flight patterns over our heads and the fact that despite the slight variation in ground temperatures, once you get over several thousand meters into the air the air temperatures might vary but these same temperatures are extremely cold both summer and winter and I’d expect contrails year round. Anyway, it was a lovely sight that only makes one angry and sad that our beautiful vista’s  are destroyed for unknown but certainly nefarious ends.

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