June Crain – Wright Field/Patterson AFB

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2015-05-09 08:53:29

While watching this History Channel Documentary from 2008:   www.youtube.com/watc… mins – although this version repeats the same thing over)   there was a segment about June Crain who was a clerk/typist at Wright Field AFB. I was not familiar with her story, even though James Clarkson told it quite a few years ago. When Crain first approached Clarkson in about 1993, she was reluctant to tell her story, but after the “Roswell: Case Closed” report came out in 1997, Crain decided to contact Clarkson and tell him what she knew. Crain passed on the following year.   There are 3 interviews with Clarkson posted on his website   jamesclarksonufo.com…   I listened to the “Earthfiles” one by Linda Moulton Howe, where several short extracts of Clarkson’s interview with Crain are included   earthfiles333.com/ea… 24 mins)   There is a transcript here of Clarkson’s original interview with Crain here:   www.ufocasebook.com/…   This case is interesting because Crain was not in New Mexico, yet she states she handled some of the “morphing metal” which an officer showed her. She also said she became aware of 3 other crashes/retrievals, material from which was taken to Wright Patterson. This, then, appears to tie in with what Senator Barry Goldwater said in 1994 about a “room” at Wright Patterson….   www.youtube.com/watc… seconds)    

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