Observations on the Boyd Bushman disclosures and pictures

Bob Easton, December 2014

for the Phenomenon Research Association

[Edited by Andrew Johnson]


Boyd Bushman seemed to have been one of the good guys in the mould of the likes of Gordon Cooper and Gus Grissom. After viewing the “deathbed testimony” of Boyd Bushman several times, I felt a mixture of emotions. Some of what he said and showed rang true and some sounded and looked implausible – in the usual “muddle-up to cover-up” tradition. I wondered if he had been fed a mixture of truth and fiction. It almost seems that has he was so highly esteemed by his associates that, over the years, in anticipation of the likelihood that he would “spill the beans” as it were, some of them felt duty bound to provide him with some accurate information and pictures regarding this subject, coupled with the usual disinformation to confuse the issue should he decide to “tell all”.


I am no expert, but most of the pictures look quite old to me and taken with an old-style camera or cameras which. Some of them are reproduced below.


Photo 1

Photo 2


Photo 3

Photo 4


I have no real problem with the idea of him providing his own camera and the aliens obliging. What have we done, in the past, to humour honour or placate "primitive" customs and beliefs? It looks, however, as if there have been inserts of dolls or models into the mix, which are so obvious that there is almost no point discussing them here. As mentioned, it is possible that fake ones have been placed to confuse the issue. I am not referring to the obvious ones but rather the look no hand protection" scene in Photo 3. It almost screams that you immediately casting doubt on all 4 and has worked very nicely thank you.


The 4 pictures were initially sent to John Hutchison by Boyd Bushman in 2009. Would he have a really sent these if he thought them fraudulent to a long-time associate and another man of great integrity? Check out "Billion-Dollar Secret" (1999) with Nick Cook and John Hutchison YouTube channel.


I must admit that I did not consider the non-wearing of a protective hand covering in photo 3 to be of any great concern, for the following reasons.


  1. We do not know the circumstances of the taking of the photographs.


  1. How do we know that the hand picture (number 3) is not holding the head up with a pad of some kind.


  1. In photographs 1 & 2, you can not see the hand at all, even in the larger photographs.


  1. The entity shown in photo 3 may be a different one to that shown in photos 1 & 2. It certainly comes across as different – not radiating like the others. The entity may of course be dead.


  1. Was photo 3 inserted as “a catalyst” to cause just such a controversy?


  1. If these are the Roswell aliens, as I believe them to be (discussed later), was the taking of these photographs, a "rush job"? Did someone prop the head up for a better picture on the spur of the instance, as it were, without thinking, as we are all prone to do, at times? (Doubtful but possible).


Photographs 1 & 2 look real to me and to most people I have shown them to. As someone commented, they show expression and personality and emanate a "life force" unlike photos of the dead. (I can’t make my mind up about Photo 3, but it probably is real.) The feeling of something looking alive may be subjective and a gut feeling but nonetheless a valid consideration. Close examination of a good quality copy of photos 1 & 2 appears to show damage to the right side of the head. What is the black bulge, is it a damaged eye? Photos 1 & 2  look to be taken with flash, in rapid succession and the alien appears to squint and a subtle change of expression can be noted. That black bulge seems to remain static – hard to tell, though.


David Icke sums up these two images nicely. "Photographs can capture the energy signatures as well as the physical form and can provide the vibrational connection."


Considering the Description of the Roswell Aliens.

Leonard Stringfield (did not see them first-hand but had reports from autopsy doctors) describes the beings as 3½  feet tall, “slit of a mouth” opening into a small cavity, which apparently did not function as a means of communication. Skin colour was beige, tan, brown or pinkish grey.


Dr Lejeune Foster (spinal-cord expert called in for the autopsy) mentioned the differences in the number of vertebra and absence of specific internal organs.


World War II flying ace Col Marian M McGruder was witness to a living Roswell alien and emphasised its childlike human qualities.


Sgt Melvin Brown mentioned the skin is being yellowish orange (a good description of what is seen in the photographs).


Miriam Bush (the military hospital administrator Secretary) remarked on the greyish to brown skin and large eyes “that wouldn’t shut."


Eileen M Stanton (the nurse whose first-hand sketch was copied by Glenn Dennis) mentions the bodies being blackened (this can just be seen in the follow-up photographs).


Magic 12 reports mention the lack of brow ridges and importantly "the skull has a slight peak that runs over the crown."


I can find no other references to this "peak" thus reinforcing the case of the photos are being of the Roswell aliens. The report also mentions the membrane, joined toes and that the creatures do not appear "mammalian".



There are many other details of witnesses’ descriptions in various books, some of the best being in Witness to Roswell by Thomas Carey and Don Schmidt. There are Magic 12 references in various publications.


The clincher for me, however, that the photos could be of the real Roswell aliens was the puggish profile of the lower part of their face. It has a pinkish sort of “squashed up” look and I knew that I’d seen that look drawn by a witness. Checking through my books, lo and behold, I found it – in one of Timothy Good’s books and it is reproduced here drawn by Glenn Dennis mortician involved at the time and based on the nurse Eileen M Fenton’s original first-hand witness sketch. I say no more.


One might also consider possible correspondence with the "Starchild Skull" brought to the public’s attention by another great man, the late Lloyd Pye.


Faster than Light Travel?


One series of pictures which, to the uninformed, might appear rather suspect, is that showing a craft transforming itself into a blurry blob of light before disappearing. Actually, this makes complete sense for if, as we are led to believe by Boyd Bushman, the aliens can travel here from their own planet 58 light years away in about 45 mins. Even at the speed of light, this journey, according to Einsteinian physics should, of course,  take at least 58 years. In order to travel these vast distances quickly, one hears many theories from wormhole travel to “interdimensional seepage” trips etc. However, I believe that David Sereda’s analysis of the NASA UFO footage collected by Martin Stubbs is quite relevant here.  He postulates that in order for a material object to obtain the speed of light or more, it would have two raise its vibrational frequency to very high levels. To do this requires a tremendous amount of energy. Check out Max Planck’s equation of E= hν. Matter would have to be transformed into a high-energy wave state and become pure energy. The comparison is drawn with black hole physics in that the light and the matter being drawn in is oscillating at such a high frequency that the human brain and instruments cannot see or detect this and therefore it appears black.


Gravity appears to be the culprit causing these extreme frequencies and therefore must be the key to faster than light travel. (Note how Bushman talks of antigravity materials in the construction of UFOs). A craft generating its own “black hole gravity waves could transform matter into a highly energised quantised wave state rendering it invisible to the naked eye. However, it could at some stage be detected in the ultraviolet or higher spectrum. This is precisely what we see in the NASA STS75 footage – filmed in the ultraviolet. What we see in the Bushman photographs makes absolute sense and would explain the sudden appearance or disappearance of these objects.


To illustrate this further, below is a picture taken from the STS tether incident filmed in the ultraviolet. This seems to show a UFO generating gravity waves radiating from the centre, causing the mass of the craft to vibrate at the frequency required – to perhaps render it lighter than photons. If so, the craft would become invisible to our means of detection and enable it to travel faster than light – with very little propulsive thrust.


The tell-tale sign of the technology is in the black hole seen in the centre of the craft – perhaps a gravity generator operating at a higher frequency than our eyes can detect, replicating a stellar or galactic black hole.


I was reminded of an account of a sighting from the PR UFOS database compiled by Gary Heseltine.


1720 hours. Autumn. Location – Isfield near Lewes, Sussex.

Whilst waiting at bus stop a female off duty uniformed officer observed a dome shaped UFO at a low altitude of 300 feet. She described the object as having the appearance of a light or green coloured metal with a moderately reflective surface. On top of the dome protruded a blue/green light whilst underneath there was an area of intense black. For reasons she doesn’t understand she waved at the object and it passed to within 50 feet of her position. The next thing she remembers was the bus arriving and that when she tried to move her limbs felt numb. She also noticed that she had developed an acute headache. Over the next week she developed other ailments including thirst and conjunctivitis. For a time afterwards she suffered with recurring bouts of gastric problems. She cannot account for a period of 20 minutes of time whilst stood at the bus stop. She has not had any form of hypnotic regression. She was a former member of the Royal Observer Corp.


UFO CLASSIFICATION – CE1 (CLOSE ENCOUNTER 1ST KIND/SYMPTOMS Off Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source – Pat Grant (independent UFO researcher) as outlined in Beyond Top Secret by Tim Good, Pan Books 1996. Pages 78-79.


I recall a picture of a UFO caught departing rapidly from a field – with horses looking up at it. The caption read "the underside of the object appears like a black sink of radiation”.  Says it all. It should also be borne in mind that prior to energy, “going black” it would appear very bright, as per the Bushman photos. Perhaps this is how a galactic black hole would appear, if we could view one at those high frequency levels.


For further study, I would refer you to the David Sereda’s “Evidence: The Case for NASA UFOs” DVD.


A Trip Through the Solar System?



Although the idea that aliens would borrow Boyd Bushman’s camera and take a snapshot of our solar system whilst en route in a craft might sound ludicrous to some people, does the actual photograph tell us anything? Well we can see what we are told are 4 planets, namely, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Earth. Saturn jumps out, of course, due to the elliptical tire shape. How was this snapshot taken? Presumably out of the window of the Craft through whatever transparent material of which it is composed. The argument heard from some of course, is that the Craft would be travelling far too fast. This does not hold water as there are many reports of UFOs coming to an abrupt halt or undergoing terrific acceleration so the speed issue is of little consequence.


Now, when one takes photos through transparent material, one often gets reflection, albeit distorted, from that material, especially when taken looking into the dark. Lo and behold, what do we see in Bushman’s photo – a reflection. But, as would be expected, it is very distorted, but discernible nonetheless. Asking around, I was told it looked like a snowy eagle or Casper the Ghost amongst other suggestions. I thought it very strange that this sort of image would crop up in this context, a coincidence, synchronicity, or what? Stranger still, whilst browsing my books. I was struck by a similar scene on the cover of Dr Leir’s the Alien and the Scalpel.


Is this a Crowley–esque fourth dimensional mode of functioning at work, i.e. (juxtapositions of events in time and space) or just plain wishful thinking? Is this a case of “looking at clouds” and seeing patterns which aren’t really there,  or can one detect a heart-shaped head, large black wrap-around eyes and a long left arm and right arm pointing a camera? Does the distorted reflection show the classic grey leaning forward to snap the scene, hence obscuring its neck?


Overall, these are just a few of thoughts and feelings I had while looking at these photographs and listening to Boyd Bushman’s final testimony. Make of them what you will!

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