Paul Hellyer Begins to Break the Taboo Of Disclosure

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13 May 2015


Since at least 2009, I have documented that there is a taboo in what might be called “the Disclosure movement.” That taboo is any discussion that either “free energy technology” or “black technology” played a role in the destruction of the WTC Complex on 911. The fact that someone’s “directed free-energy technology” was used to destroy the WTC Complex on 911 can be concluded by a careful study of Dr Judy Wood’s research, which was published in book form in very late 2010 and became available in quantity in 2011. I have written quite a lot about how those whom I expected to be the first to openly and sensibly discuss these conclusions have, by and large, done no such thing. One fairly recent example of this non-discussion of the truth is Steven Bassett’s failure to mention what happened on 911 when he was talking about weaponisation of secret technology, in a round table discussion on Sat 28 June 2014, (at 21:40 in) at the 2014 “Secret Space Program Conference” held in San Metino California. He said

One of the very possible reasons why the secrecy has been so profoundly maintained is that the power of the energy systems and technologies being worked on as well as the antigravitic technology – if it gets in the wrong hands could be a serious problem. I’d like to mention something you may have forgotten about. Back in 1991/92 there were articles which I read that the military kind of had a problem in that they had been developing a huge range of sophisticated weapons and were very frustrated that there wasn’t a war they could use them in….

 He then mentions Saddam Hussein and Kuwait and he talks about the Gulf War and how it was shown on TV in graphic detail. Then at about 24:30 into the discussion, he says

Maybe the secrecy is because these weapons, if they get in the wrong hands, could be dangerous. I would like to make the suggestion that they are already in the wrong hands…

 Of course, if Steve Bassett had referenced or described Dr Judy Wood’s book at this point, he would have been able to illustrate that he was, indeed, correct! He would have been making an observation, not a suggestion. Would that not have increased his credibility – referring to a comprehensive, publicly available investigation by a scientist, part of which had been submitted in a court case? This investigation (contained in “Where Did The Towers Go?”) even includes reference to certain antigravitic effects discovered by John Hutchison and inspected by Col John Alexander in 1983.

Other presentations at the same “Secret Space Program” conference by Joseph P Farrell and Richard Dolan entirely failed to mention 9/11, or make any reference to the known weaponisation of the technology they were referring to and even though they were outlining a possible history of it! In his 2nd presentation at the 2014 “Secret Space Program” conference, JP Farrell even begins to talk, (at approximately the 30 minute mark) about Cold Fusion  – he talks of how Dr Ronald Richter was doing experiments in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s, which may have been similar to those which Pons & Fleischmann probably came to regret doing, years later. However, at no time does he mention the documented connection of some of the effects seen in Cold Fusion experiments to the events of 9/11. This is kind of ironic, seeing as this was discussed in Dr Judy Wood’s presentation at the Global BEM Conference which took place some 18 months earlier (organised by the same people).

In a similar vein, Richard Dolan, in his presentation at the 2014 “Secret Space Program”, mentions antigravity and free energy technology being “classified” in black programmes, but once again, he never mentions what happened on  911 as being one of the end results of this classification and secrecy. Will anyone tackle this issue…? 

Hon Paul T Hellyer  – FULL Disclosure

On 18 Mar 2015, David Whitehead posted a video address entitled “Full Disclosure” by retired Canadian Politician Paul Hellyer. I have been following Mr Hellyer since late 2005 when he “went public” with his statements about the UFO/ET cover up, having read Col Philip J Corso’s book, the Day After Roswell. Paul Hellyer spoke at the 2012 Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference – and so did Dr Judy Wood – and so did I (but for longer than 15 minutes…)

Although Hellyer incorrectly states that “some of the WTC buildings had been rigged for controlled demolition,” he goes on to say, at 16:50 in this video: 

A new weapon of mass destruction was used to reduce the concrete and steel to dust before it reached the ground, if you have any doubts about this, get a copy of Dr Judy Wood’s book entitled Where Did the Towers Go? 500 pages of meticulous evidence.

 Out of the many books seen, in the background, in this video, this is the only one that Hellyer holds up to the viewer. I would suggest this is a measure of the book’s importance. Thank you, Mr Hellyer!

Leading the Way

 So, Mr Hellyer, who was once Defence Minister for Canada, has “shown the way” for others to follow. The first “others,” I would argue, should be those in the research community – such as Steve Bassett, Richard Dolan, Joseph Farrell and Jim Marrs. However, they have consistently “passed” on opportunities to speak about the evidence – and in Mr Dolan’s case have apparently tried to muddle or cover it up. I hope that they will do what they have not done yet – accurately report the evidence we know as the truth and accurately describe the implications of it. As the years pass, the “force of reason” needed to convey this truth to people will only increase, if the realisation of the truth is not displayed and delivered to the precious few who are listening to those in the research community, rather than listening to the “robotic mouthpieces” following their carefully authored scripts in the mainstream media.

And, as I write this piece, there is some possibility that the reluctance to both talk about and listen to this sort of evidence will also increase, as UK PM David Cameron is said to want to “revive moves for tough action against non-violent extremists” (to target “radicalisation”). So, who is going to accurately report what they realise is the truth…? Will anyone younger than Mr Hellyer be “up to the job”…?

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