The Death of Prof. John Nash

From: realiseyourefree

Date: 2015-05-27 13:10:18

Hello folksI have been interested in John Nash’s life and work for the past five years and I was really saddened to hear of the news that he and his wife had both been killed in a car accident this past week. ‘Beautiful Mind’ Mathematician John Nash And His Wife Killed In NJ Turnpike Taxi Crash ‘Beautiful Mind’ Mathematician John Na… Nash won the Nobel Prize for his work in game theory. View on Preview by Yahoo   Despite the accounts of the awkwardness of the man’s character, to me it is clear he was a genius.In the film “Beautiful Mind” he was portrayed as being delusional and mad and one event which led to his apparent breakdown was his obsession with an enemy within; which he labelled as the ‘communists’. He inferred that they had infiltrated departments he was working and associated with( in the 1950’s/60’s); this was Princeton University and MIT.If we replace, ‘communists’ with their allied label ‘internationalists’ we can more clearly see how he might not have been so delusional after all.  Of course, ‘internationalism’ is ‘globalisation’, which is what we have today. Anyone who dares bring-up that someone is a foreigner is instantly attacked as being a racist, especially in the global West. Perhaps his knowledge of any ‘infiltration’ and not being able to get anyone to take him seriously did not help his health and his case against being incarcerated. There is now increased censorship in Google on anything related to a search for truth and I had to browse six pages of Google search about this man to find more relevant news. So my point is, did John Nash know too much and was he recently allying himself with some new people who would have understood his lifelong concerns! Although the title of the website (below) is almost asking for its author to be called a ‘racist'(esp. these days), he might actually be onto something about the Egyptian driver (if it was an accident); or was the taxi broad-sided? I am clutching at straws here, but if anyone has got some more information about this event it’d be interesting to learn about it.Disclaimer: I myself am not a “racist” however, I do believe in keeping the identity of a country’s populace what it should be to prevent it changing beyond all recognition. Genius White Maths Prof John Nash Murdered by Immigrant Taxi Driver Genius White Maths Prof John Nash Murdered by Immigran… Famed math genius John Nash and his wife are dead as the result of an accident in which a nonwhite driver was driving recklessly, leading him to lose control of… View on saboteur365.wordpres… Preview by Yahoo RIP Prof. John Nash and his wife Alicia.

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