Re: Nuclear attack in Yemen?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2015-06-01 18:56:56

Several people have now sent me this video:… or the story, in the message below. The claim is that a nuke or “Neutron Bomb” has been detonated in Yemen.   My conclusion is that this isn’t a nuke going off – it’s just the latest scare-mongering from people who have not thought too much about what is being shown.   I would guess it’s a normal rocket or bomb attack (sad though that is). The reason it looks weird is that it is dawn or dusk and the light level is low. This makes the explosion cloud look really bright and you can also see the “afterglow”. I think if it was filmed in full daylight, it would look rather different.   It seems this report, which someone sent me,  is about the incident and is probably more accurate:   www.strategic-cultur… Also, nukes are now basically irrelevant in the scheme of things – once you understand what happened to the WTC and what power is at the disposal of the people who did it. Of course, as most people on the internet are working to cover up what happened to the WTC, or they have not studied the available evidence, they don’t actually know this….   From: stephenSent: 01 June 2015 18:41To:  xxx  Cc:  yyy  Subject: Nuclear attack Remarkably, Israel dropped two nuclear weapons on Yemen on 20 May and I don’t think it has appeared in the mainstream media:… Stephen

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