Re: Is there Really a Secret Space Programme

From: jon_devlin

Date: 2015-06-18 12:14:40

Hi Ben, thanks for sharing this article and it does bring up the issues I certainly have regarding what and/or who to believe in the Space arena? Do I trust NeverAStraightAnswer only in as much that I’m fairly sure they exist but to what end, well that’s more difficult or indeed impossible to answer. And if my many years of truth searching (supplied by hard working researchers) taught me anything, its to trust my instincts but don’t let them rule my ability to acknowledge evidence that either goes against this instinct or affirms it? My instincts (obviously influenced by life experience and my bias from learned knowledge) tells me that someone is going to a lot of effort to divert us away or too something and its isn’t for our benefit? I’m obviously referring to the likes of Jim Marrs, Tim (Lovely Chap whom I met many moons ago) Good. Linda Mouton Howes, Nick Pope and just about everyone that speaks at these UFO gatherings (The ones that has the usual South American entourage in the line-up) even Gary has my gut a-twitching these days. In-short, I think we have been successfully lured into a nice, fun, UFO corral and there most will stay, because to quote Deanna Spingola “People are addicted to Fiction”, probably includes me too?

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