Will The Real Edgar Mitchell Please Step Forward?

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30 Jun 2015

Edgar Mitchell on Aliens/ET’s

In the fields of ufology and paranormal research, the name of Dr Edgar Mitchell is one that comes up quite frequently. Since at least 2003, he has been heard to make incredible statements about events which happened in 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico. For example, in an interview for the documentary “Out Of The Blue,” which was produced by James Fox and shown on the sci-fi Channel, Mitchell “started off gently” and said 

In the current period, until the last 30 years it was conventional wisdom, both in science and theology, we are alone in the universe – the single repository of life, anywhere in the known universe. Well, no one believes that any more….

 Later, in the same documentary, he went on to say: 

Well, if the accounts are to be believed, yes, there have been ET visitations, there have been crashed craft, there has been err material and bodies recovered and there is some group of people somewhere that may or may not be associated with government at this point, but certainly were at one time that have this knowledge.

In Feb 2004, he was quoted as making similar remarks in St Petersburg, Florida. His words were included in a local newspaper (now called the Tampa Bay Times) in an article entitled “Former Astronaut: We’ve Had Otherworldly Visitors” 

“A few insiders know the truth . . . and are studying the bodies that have been discovered,”

 Also, in a July 2008 interview with Larry King on CNN, Mitchell appears to validate the stories of witnesses to the Roswell incident, claiming that he was told certain things by them before they died and he states that an “alien craft” did indeed crash there. However, he does not give any specific details about who spoke to him, or what they said. Hence, Mitchell’s statements are essentially useless in helping us to find out any more about the Roswell incident than has already been uncovered by other researchers. 

Another instance of Mitchell making comments (or rather not making comments) about what appear to be intelligently controlled objects in space, was included in David Sereda’s excellent documentary called “Evidence: the Case for NASA UFOs“. In this documentary, David Sereda completes an extensive analysis of the STS 75 “tether incident,” where many strange objects are seen in the field of view of the camera on the space shuttle as it attempts to video the results of an experiment. The experiment involved unravelling a 12-mile long, thin wire to perform an energy related experiment. (It is strongly recommended that you review this footage for yourself.) This wire was the “tether” for a satellite that was released from the shuttle’s payload bay. As part of his investigation into this extremely unusual NASA footage, Sereda decided to contact Edgar Mitchell and send him a copy of the NASA video. Sereda states that, in response to his query about the “tether” footage, on November 24, 1999 Edgar Mitchell wrote the following letter to him:

David Sereda,


Yes, I have received your film and reviewed it and the info package you provided. I see utterly nothing about the tether incident that is particularly interesting. If there is more revealing footage then I will look at it. However, I have looked at many feet of space film, and have yet to see only one that has anything worth looking into regarding UFO appearances. Edgar Mitchell.

 Sereda, unhappy with Mitchell’s response wrote to him again and Mitchell responded further, thus: 



At first glance they are just particles——–perhaps outgassed, I do not know. But I certainly would look for a more prosaic explanation than UFOs. If you have a better film, I will look, but I am not very optimistic they are anything exotic. EDM.  

Still troubled by this new response, Sereda wrote to Mitchell again to ask him to study the footage more closely.  Mitchell then responded: 



Okay, I will look at the tape, but be hard to convince that anything of significance is occurring. I am not impressed by physicists from M.I.T. or anywhere else in this arena. Blobs of light routinely appear on film if being reflected from some small object in space. Look up in the sky in the early morning and see the reflections from a satellite as the sun comes up——–the reflection is many times  larger in apparent size than the actual object. Star light is the same. Distant stars would not be visible at all except for the spreading and diffusion of the light, which makes them visible. EDM

To understand how ridiculous Mitchell’s responses are, one needs to study the “tether” for oneself. Of course, Mitchell needn’t have responded to David Sereda at all – it is as if Mitchell appears to be working hard to show himself as “a good guy.” That is, he has shown himself to be approachable and responsive to Sereda’s letters and questions. However, there is something amiss… 


Mitchell is also well-known as the founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) – an act he allegedly took as a result of “an Epiphany” which he experienced on the return journey from the moon. IONS include the following statements on its website

The Institute of Noetic Sciences™, founded in 1973 by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit research, education, and membership organization whose mission is supporting individual and collective transformation through consciousness research, educational outreach, and engaging a global learning community in the realization of our human potential. “Noetic” comes from the Greek word nous, which means “intuitive mind” or “inner knowing.” IONS™ conducts, sponsors, and collaborates on leading-edge research into the potentials and powers of consciousness, exploring phenomena that do not necessarily fit conventional scientific models while maintaining a commitment to scientific rigor.


The Institute’s primary program areas are consciousness and healing, extended human capacities, and emerging worldviews.

This all sounds quite attractive and benevolent and rather appealing to people (like me) who have become disillusioned with the straitjacket of mainstream science and feel a lack of fulfilment in following mainstream religions. However, reading the text above I am immediately disconcerted by the inclusion of a “trademark” after the name of the Institute is written. What’s that all about?

It is clear from the above that IONS concerns itself with topics relating to consciousness. The study of consciousness is far more important than most people seem to realise – not least because understanding consciousness more fully can have potentially sinister outcomes. One simple example is the use of subliminal messages to implant things in our subconscious mind. And then there is Mitchell’s admission of his interest in the alleged psychic Uri Geller indeed, Mitchell himself explained this interest in Geller in the uncut version of a 2013 BBC documentary called “The Secret Life of Uri Geller”. (This interview did not appear in the uncut version of the documentary.) 

An American physician by the name of Andrea Puharich called me after I came back from the moon and said “I’ve found this rather amazing Israeli young man who can do these sorts of things. Would you like to study him? And I was intrigued and I said yes bring him to the States and let’s take a look. And then I set out to arrange the testing that we did with him in the Stanford Research Institute where I met Hal Puthoff and Russel Targ. What I did not know at the time was that the work at SRI was also being funded by our CIA. I only discovered that later.

Later, in the same documentary, he goes on to state:

As we finished our work with Uri at SRI, I was called by the head of the CIA and asked to come to Washington and brief him on what we had learned – and that head happened to be George HW Bush. He was head of the CIA at that point in time and it turned out that it was all part of the same big study. The Russians were studying it, we were studying it, the CIA were studying it, I was studying it and so it was all a part of the study of so-called study of parapsychology. I didn’t know, at that time, all that the CIA was involved in…

One could naïvely conclude that Mitchell really did not have any knowledge of the CIA’s involvement in research into parapsychology, but further (rather troubling) research draws one to the conclusion that Mitchell was, indeed, working for the CIA – along with the aforementioned Hal Puthoff and Russel Targ.

Following a study of the sordid catalogue of Apollo anomalies, it becomes obvious that Mitchell could never have walked on the moon as he has claimed. In studying this “catalogue”, one is almost bound to come across a film called “Astronauts Gone Wild,” which was made by Bart Sibrel. His film features some “ambush” interviews with several astronauts which are uncomfortable to watch, but are, nevertheless, most revealing. For example, in the interview with Mitchell, the following exchange can be heard: 

Sibrel: would you swear on the Bible that you walked on the moon?


Mitchell: You bet your sweet ass.

Sibrel then reads out the oath, which Mitchell repeats, with his hand placed on a Bible. Mitchell then states his view of the Bible, and he is clearly very uncomfortable with what has just transpired. He then repeats:

We did go to the moon. You bet your sweet ass we went to the moon.

There is an edit in the interview and then Mitchell states that Sibrel should turn off the camera as he is “done” with the interview. Sibrel then (perhaps unwisely) tries to exchange pleasantries, but Mitchell becomes rather agitated and says 

I don’t say it’s been a pleasure… Please get your ass out of my house and you came here under false pretences and I think you’re an ass hole – and if you continue this and if you press this I will personally take you to court.

 Sibrel responds, 

“I hope that you do… I invite you to.”

Following a further exchange, in which Sibrel says:

Lying about walking on the Moon is a satanic lie.

 Mitchell then says: 

I don’t hit people but you’re going to be on the deck unless you get the heck out [Mitchell knees Sibrel in the rear]

As Sibrel is leaving, we can hear that Mitchell still has on the radio microphone and his camera is still rolling. Mitchell is heard to say to his son (who has joined in the exchange) 

You want to get a gun Adam and we can shoot at him before he leaves …

As Sibrel and his cameraman are getting into their car, the radio microphone is still recording and Mitchell’s son is heard to say: 

Want to call the CIA and have them waxed? (or possibly “whacked”)

It seems pretty clear to me that a very dark side of Mitchell’s background is revealed in this brief and disturbing clip. Who would say such a thing? 

Sadly, it has become apparent that this wasn’t the first time that Mitchell had talked about guns and people being shot. In an interview (date unknown) with deceased physicist and inventor of the N Machine (a closed path homopolar free energy generator), Bruce DePalma, he states

One of the pivotal people I encountered early on in my career was Edgar Mitchell the astronaut… He said to me that if I tried anything on my own in California I would get my head blown off – so I was scared to death.

 DePalma goes on to state: 

The CIA operates through various innocent looking fronts – to find out what people are thinking and what they’re inventing. Now, what’s more innocent than a  benign institute – founded on transcendental principles to help New Age inventors bring free energy into the world?

For those that have not yet made the connection between Edgar Mitchell and the large deceptions relating to the space program and free energy which are being perpetrated on the general population, we can say that, in the words of Richard D Hall, they are “losing the information war.”

Fortunately for us, Bruce DePalma has left us something of a legacy of information on his website and even on the home page you can find a little bit more about his dealings with Edgar Mitchell.

The first threat came from Edgar Mitchell, the astronaut who told me that the Government had said there “never was any doubt that the N machine was the Free Energy machine they were looking for, and if I tried anything on my own in California I would have my head blown off. And the CIA warned me via Mitchell that I should not leave the country because I would be kidnapped. This was back in 1980, when these efforts frightened me out of going to Hanover, Germany for Dr. Nieper’s first Gravity Field Energy Conference, which is where P. Tewari brought his N machine from India and got the prize for the most clearly observable Free Energy phenomena to date.

He also states: 

In fact, Mitchell’s contract with me was a deal he was trying to set up where he was going to have to raise 150 – 300 million dollars and start a company which would be the size of General Motors in three to five years, and from then on, who knows? Out of this I would get a one year employment contract and $30,000 and the possibility of maybe owning one or two percent of the operation; something I turned down because of my lawyers advice. And Mitchell, of course, blew up. 

“What Did It Feel like to Walk on the Moon?”

 We have now seen evidence of the strange – and even threatening – behaviour of Edgar Mitchell. On the page about him on the IONS website, it describes the “realisation” which he had on his alleged return journey from the moon: 

He knew that the beautiful blue world to which he was returning is part of a living system, harmonious and whole—and that we all participate, as he expressed it later, “in a universe of consciousness.”

Yet even after this realisation, we have two instances of him talking to people directly about guns and violence – when both of the people that he was talking to appeared to be trying to establish the truth about the matters they were investigating. How can we explain this contradiction?

A clue to the answer may lie in what he said during an interview on the Art Bell show on Wednesday, May 15, 1996 1 AM to 4 AM PDT. This interview included Richard C Hoagland and the transcript of it is posted on Richard Hoagland’s website. In the interview, Mitchell discusses how he has often been asked what it felt like to walk on the moon. 

Oh sure. Basically, when people asked me, “What did it feel like to be on the moon?” Being a super rationalist and a Ph.D. and all of that, I didn’t think it was a germane question. I thought if you ask me what did I do on the moon, or what did I think about on the moon, I could have told you. But what I feel, I didn’t know. And so I set out to… I started thinking about that question. First of all, it irritated me because I didn’t have an answer to it, and eventually I asked myself, “Should I know what I felt like on the moon?” So I went to some good friends of mine, Dr. Jane Houston and her husband Bob Master, and said help me find out what I felt like on the moon, and that began the investigation of inner experiences for me back in 1972 and led to the approaches that I have taken in understanding experience and the psychic experience and all this whole subject matter of consciousness that we’ve been looking at for 25 years.

But this doesn’t seem to tally with his story about having this “revelatory awakening” on his alleged journey back from the moon. The description given above about how the world is “a harmonious whole” does not seem to fit with this idea that he didn’t know what it felt like to walk on the moon. Also his statement about “needing help” to “know what it felt like” is most peculiar, if you ask me. Perhaps we have to consider what else was happening at the time the Apollo Programme was current. An interesting observation is made on a Webpage titled “Apollo Truth – The reason behind NASA’s fake Moon missions.” (author unknown, but an email address is listed

Now you know why CIA director Richard Helms, had the MKULTRA files destroyed in 1973, immediately after Apollo finished. Anyone who was around during the mid to late 60’s would know that references to brainwashing and mind control were becoming quite the norm with TV programmes like “The Prisoner” and films such as “Clockwork Orange” and “The Ipcress Files”. I think if most Americans knew what the CIA had been up to since WW2, they would rebel against their country anyway. As Richard Helms once said “We can create false memories now” That is certainly true for those who still believe in the Moon landings.

 The page goes on to say:

The most baffling aspect of all this, is how astronauts like Armstrong and Aldrin could have been led astray by such a scenario. … How could they possibly go along with such a scam, which would undoubtedly be exposed in later years? Many believe they, and the other astronauts, were influenced by mind expanding drugs, which were extremely common about this time, or it could be that they too, were under some form of mind control by the CIA. This may be true as Buzz Aldrin has suffered mental illness from psychological brain damage.

 If we consider the reaction of Mitchell to Bart Sibrel, and his statement about briefing the CIA director George HW Bush regarding investigations into the abilities of Uri Geller, it seems to me that Mitchell was quite probably subjected to some form of mind control to make him believe that he really did walk on the moon. When he is challenged over this issue, we can see that his reaction is one of great discomfort, rather than one of being able to rationally explain how and why Bart Sibrel (and  people like me) are wrong to state that he could not possibly have walked on the moon during the Apollo 14 mission (and neither could any of the other publicly named astronauts). 

From the other evidence discussed in this article, I would argue that Mitchell has become a key asset in intelligence work which is being done in the alternative knowledge community and within the “new age” movement. In other words, I am in complete agreement with the statements of Bruce DePalma and feel strongly that Bruce DePalma’s death was neither natural nor was it an accident. 

I am therefore composing and posting this article to alert the UFO and alternative knowledge community to what Mitchell has said and done in the past and if this does not make more people wary of him and it does not make them want to distance themselves from him, then I probably have not written this article very well.



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