Social engineering and the psychedelic revolution

From: mohanprao

Date: 2015-07-23 18:17:17

I just sent this email out to my friends and thought the Cognoscence group would enjoy it as well.No time for details? Skip to the summary at the bottom. Mohan Big news in the research department. Sure, there are far more important matters going on in the world right now, particularly the economic collapse of several countries. This obviously will not be just Greece, which is certainly going to change our daily lives in a drastic way. We will look back at these times with fond memories and wonder why we didn´t do more to make a difference or why we didn´t see it coming, or why we didn´t plan for the future.The big deal I´m talking about is the exposure of the govt creating the psychedelic culture.What they created and why they did it has huge implications.What other beliefs do we hold and assume to be fact but are completely invented for nefarious purposes?After reading the attached article set, I almost feel like I came to the edge of the world in the Jim Carrey movie The Truman Show.To see how much manipulation of our world was done by the CIA is incredible. Your first reaction may be the same as mine and several others I´ve mentioned this to – disbelief and denial. MKULTRA program was far more than the experiments that were done to individuals for mind control as we´ve been told.All the key players of the 1960s psychedelic scene were CIA agents including Timothy Leary (Tune in, Turn on and Drop out), Ken Kesey (One Flew Over the Cookoo´s Nest, Magic Bus), Ralph Metzner and Richard Alpert (Tibetan Book of the Dead), Albert Hoffman (supposed creator of lysergic acid diethylamide with the bike ride), and many others. The entire hippie counterculture was created by the CIA including rock music, fashion, art, drugs (including LSD), politics and philosophy.I loved my classic rock music starting from my 10th birthday when I got Dark Side of the Moon.I ate mushrooms that we picked from local cow patties and school fields.I dropped LSD several times and read books by Terrence McKenna, Leary, Huxley and others.Frank Zappa and Jim Morrison were huge idols of mine.But now, those fond memories are tainted with the idea that it was all a huge social engineering program.When you read this set of articles, you will see what I mean. Even the Grateful Dead had a paid CIA agent for 23 years!It´s one big MKULTRA program that most of us will deny until we see the evidence, which is why these articles are so important.So why is this a big deal? Because it means there are several other social engineering programs that we are victims of!Once you see what they got away with in this article set, you will question your entire life. Or at least you should.This is the benefit of knowing the truth – this will get us closer to true freedom.Everything comes down to our freedom. Whoever reads this set of articles will quickly understand the depth of the deceit we live in.This is why it is so important to understand the basic fundamental causal factors of our reality.Whoever invests time into Mark Passio´s videos and podcasts will gain this understanding and be able to understand what freedom is and how to obtain it.
It´s best to start with Passio´s Natural Law lecture before watching his others.…? v=C1pkJaNbzLUI suggest we don´t have time NOT to invest in this information. We only live so long and have limited time to be with our families and to expand our consciousness.I´m not saying all entheogens are bad, or that you shouldn´t listen to rock music, or everything these agents said is wrong.What I am saying is that we should know what the game is so we can decide for ourselves what is right and wrong for us and not be enslaved.Here is the link to the set of articles by Jan Irvin et. al. The 5 articles are listed at the beginning of this… manufacturing-the-deadhead-a- product-of-social-engineering- by-joe-atwill-and-jan-irvin/David McGowan has written a book about the govt intelligence connections in Laurel Canyon near Los Angeles in the early 1960s. Our favorite rock stars and actors (ironically Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda for example) appear to have major connections to MKULTRA.Lots of good information in an easy to read book. It´s attached to this email in pdf form. If you don´t have time to read it, just watch one of the many youtube interviews McGowan results?search_query=david+ mcgowanAnd if this wasn´t enough, it totally blew my mind that the entire Sharon Tate murders in 1969 by Charles Manson was a complete hoax! Just like the Sandy Hook mass shootings, it was staged and in this case, she didn´t actually die. As unbelievable as this sounds, it is so obvious when you look at the…. pdfLet me know what you think. All this information has solid basis and is not conspiracy theory. My goal is to get as many people aware of this so that we can possibly turn the tides and get the slaves to figure out they are slaves and put an end to this unnatural master-slave relationship.To summarize, There is a set of 5 articles showing how the govt created the psychedelic manufacturing-the-deadhead-a- product-of-social-engineering- by-joe-atwill-and-jan-irvin/The background story for these articles is in a book called Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon exposing the govt´s involvement with our sacred rock and roll music and psychedelic culture of the 1960sSee attached book, or watch an interview with the author on youtube: results?search_query=david+ mcgowanTo totally blow your mind and see how a major hoax has been so easily pulled over us, check out the fake Helter Skelter – Sharon Tate murder story society completely fell . pdfThe solution to being manipulated and to gain our freedom back is to understand the causal factors and Mark Passio does a great job in explaining this. Start with his Natural Law video:…? v=C1pkJaNbzLUand then watch his other lectures over time. If you want a real education, listen to his podcasts starting from #001 on his website WhatOnEarthIsHappeni…Sorry if this too much at once but we must take action. The masters don´t like letting go of their slaves so easily.Mohan
It´s all about freedom, man!

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