Re: Social engineering and the psychedelic revolution

From: mohanprao

Date: 2015-07-31 22:32:24

I´ve looked at Passio´s work very carefully. I think I listened to all of his 191 two-hour podcasts after viewing several of his videos.I have not seen anything misleading or incongruent with his message.I will be showing his videos in my town to get others to know these highly important principles he talks about. But then again, I feel the same about David Icke. Icke does not promote Dr. Wood´s analysis and conclusions but he doesn´t negate them either. Passio has suggested that Dr. Wood´s information is worth looking into but has not done so himself.Please, if there is anything you find that is not honest or is misleading about Mark Passio in any way, let me know. The quality of the information he gathers is tremendous and has changed my life and had given me a giant step towards understanding our reality.Passio repeatedly states that he references other´s work but that doesn´t mean he believes in everything they say. For example, Thomas Jefferson has written several good ideas down but was an owner of slaves.

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