Re: BBC anbd Met Office (UK)

From: jon_devlin

Date: 2015-08-24 12:46:01

Hi Andrew, Its purely my opinion but I think its safe to say that what or whomever is ‘replace’ the BBC with will not change anything, as this is just a PR exercise to appease the masses who buy into the role of BBC/Government looking out for us. Same audience that both vote for and debate about political parties and their policy, as if some tangible good will come out of either the debate and or the policy? I don’t listen to nor read any MSM per say but I see a person in the headline that one can’t avoid namely Mr Corbyn. I’ve taken a keen interest in in his brother Piers in the past, I don’t suppose there is any link with what’s happening in the political but its ‘interesting’ to say the least?I’m not sure what you think about his more famous brother i.e. Piers but I didn’t get a response to one of my emails that I send to these KOL (Key opinion Leaders ) we see in the Alternative world, where I asked specifically if he’d a) Heard of Dr Wood and  b) What did he make of the 2001 Hurricane Erin? But, never got a reply and that might have been his lack of interest or an oversight? It was the same with Mr James McCanney even after several emails where I only asked very specific Hurricane Erin questions and of course Dr Wood but zip in return.Kind RegardsJohn

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