Myths of Left and Right Ideologies; Beware Both Are Really Socialist

From: realiseyourfree

Date: 2015-09-14 12:37:11

Hello PeopleI’ve had many questions about WWII history (both sides), particularly National Socialist history (mainstream & alt) and have carefully researched genuine British & Polish Stalag XX..POW accounts(living and dead), and thought long about what the revisionists (e.g Dennis Wise & sympathisers) have been saying for some time.  Firstly, Hitler was the other NWO (Socialist World Order) alternative to the apparent Soviet Socialist World(yes the Soviets won the war) we are living in now. Yes, we are living in it! Go to any Cooperative newsagent stand and you’ll find a fresh daily copy of the Morning Star (Communist). I should know, I’ve read it several times. That’s not all of course. Also for the sympathisers of TGSNT and Dennis Wise, you’d better get a grip of yourselves and ask what the f*** you really know about war, military service and history and then compare it to what has been happening since the war. Some quotes in the film are wrong and one of the American commentators actually thinks a Corporal is different to an NCO.  The film also makes WWI out to be a marvellous and proud thing to be a part of and that Hitler was justified in cursing those who took part in the Christmas truce. No he wasn’t, trench life was hell! Complaining about trench foot and being scared is normal, but then again what do any of you know about suffering in a trench and being shellshocked to death for four years; if indeed you live as long as four weeks. Is it just a coincidence that TGSNT has come out when most WW vets(both sides) are all dead?  I haven’t seen the service records for Hitler’s WWI service; has anyone? I still have mine and so does my old WWII POW friend. Also blaming Jews for the world’s ills is part of what they want you to do. It’s a cover for the real movers and shakers which Milton W Cooper will explain for those not too proud to listen. .On the… disappointed in Deanna Spingola for not doing enough research into what Hitler and the National Socialists truly represented(yes, it was socialism=slavery) the music in TGSNT is the best bit, but in war soldiers both sides commit atrocities.; it’s war! no amount of nice emotional music will hide that. If you’re disagreeing with this you’re not living in the real world. A final thought/question:  How did a country go from being bankrupt to the hilt after the Versailles Treaty and the following decade of Depression to being the most formidable military might in Europe only some ten years later? I’ll tell you how; because a certain Concordat meeting with a Vatican representative(Franz von Papen) at the turn of Hitler’s Chancellorship was a formidable agreement probably for a very large amount of capital. View on Preview by Yahoo

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