Re: Paper Fuses To Steel. NY Times fails to notice the physical prob

From: jon_devlin

Date: 2015-09-28 10:40:49

My ‘opinion’ is that the subtle marginalization work has already been done by a Red-Ice melting, drip drip effect via their previous shows and specific guests, that in themselves, represent all things Anti-Dr Wood’s work. Andrew, has painstakingly shown this in his articles and was himself lead into their (Red Ice) web of subtle deception and had to further explain his position very clearly, so as to disentangle himself from potential tarnishing. Which could only have been their hoped outcome? It wasn’t to those that have been educated, myself being one that would now not reject all Red Ice information but I’ll now be keenly looking for their next subtle ploys? So this is my opinion, this ‘revelation’ is too little too late and if they had of been genuine converts, then acknowledgements, apologies and shows dedicated to this subject from Dr Wood would have been the result. No, this is more Psy-Op from Red Ice unless I see the above happening. But as I say its only my opinion.

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