Keshe Foundation Announcements – Please Read Links

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2015-10-23 08:12:27

Hi   A few folks are sending round links to this latest announcement. Like this:…   iamamalaysian.wordpr…   or this:…   Again, I greet this with a large amount of scepticism. The reason?   Read these posts from 2014 and 2011:…   Also   forum.keshefoundatio…   He thinks he’s a Messiah? What happened to his devices from 2011? Why doesn’t he realize free energy tech. was weaponised and used on 911? Why does he never talk about this? Sorry, but he “doesn’t know the game” if he doesn’t know this….   Please let me know in a few weeks if anyone has one of his devices powering their house/car etc…. should be big news – or he will be “disappeared…”  

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