The Fluoridation Report Submitted to Wakefield County Council

Yorkshire Citizens Caring for Yorkshire People
25 August 2015 
YPAF (Yorkshire People Against Fluoride) 1/51
The Fluoridation Report Submitted to Wakefield County Council
Author of the Report: Simon C. Haigh BA Single Hons, MIfL
Important note from Joy Warren (Coordinator of Fluoride Free Alliance UK which  – see

It is true that Simon submitted the document to Wakefield Borough’s Health and Well-Being Scrutiny Board but it was not accepted by them because it did not match the terms of reference.  Wakefield had already put a fluoridation proposal on ice in 2007 and in 2015, urged by their Public Health Consultant in Dental Health, they decided they had to revisit the issue.  So, in 2015, they asked for recent evidence that fluoride was either beneficial or injurious and ineffective.  

At the time, I had formed the embryonic UKFFFA and with long-term residents of Wakefield  (Malcolm and Anna Bowman) we were invited to present our evidence which we did successfully.  

I am attaching our report to Wakefield Borough Council and wonder if you could replace Simon’s report with ours since our report was the one which was instrumental at preventing Wakefield becoming fluoridated. www.checktheevidence… (PDF Version – Click Here)


Argument Against Fluoridation of Wakefield Water Supplies Based Upon the Best Evidence of Current Medical Studies:
The purpose of this report is to offer a comprehensive overview for the counter-argument against the fluoridation of Wakefield water. In this detailed survey the current author is opposed to the fluoridation of local water supplies a position based upon the latest medical research including the citation of a number of important scientific papers. The statistical data when taken as a whole presents compelling evidence for concerns regarding the agent fluoride and its toxicity in humans at very low doses.
This paper will discuss possible neuro-toxin damage including birth defects, elevation in cancer rates and documented thyroid problems. All of this research quoted in this document has been produced by medically qualified Doctors and scientists. In many of these medical papers the case against fluoride in water is plainly articulated and several of the cited authors are affiliated to prestigious Universities and research facilities. This paper will cite over a dozen studies and consists of invaluable information that exploits the latest scientific data on fluoridation.
In this investigation I have divided it into ten sections that list the adverse effects of fluoride. The report systematically details research by eminent Doctors, scientists, medical professionals and dentists, that at the very least questions the general presupposition that fluoride is safe for humans to ingest in small amounts. 
The sections are as follows:
(1) Introduction / A Short History of Fluoridation.
(2) The British Study and Evidence that Fluoridated Water Leads to an Increased Susceptibility to Thyroid Damage (Professor Stephen Peckham). 
(3) Dentistry Concerns about Fluoride and its Efficacy (Dr. Hardy Limeback PhD, DDS Associate Professor and Head of Preventive Dentistry from the University of Toronto).
(4) Industrial Problems with Fluoride.
(5) Developmental Toxicity of Fluoride and its effects upon Children and IQ / Neurotoxicity of Sodium Fluoride in Rats.
(6) General Studies Appertaining to the Brain and Nervous System including Internal Organs and the Detriment of Fluoride.
(7) Foetus Damage and Fluoride.
(8) Neuro-Toxin Effects of Fluoride (The Mexican Study).
(9) British Medical Journal: No Proper Review of Fluoride.
(10)Fluoride and the Cancer Link (Dr. Burk – National Cancer Institute Testimonial Before Congress).
Government and local authority’s role and legal responsibility in providing clear policies that protect the local population and the environment from harmful substances. [EU Drinking Water Directive (98/83/EC)].
Appendix 1
Important questions that Wakefield Consultation Process should answer with regards to fluoride and its safety concerns relative to the general public.

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