FW: Man Solves Tesla’s Secret To Amplifying Power By Nearly 5000%

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2015-11-12 10:54:26

The video in the article below is interesting and demonstrates that Jim Murray has spent A LOT of money and done A LOT of work. However, the scenario shown is quite familiar as is the request being made – and its likely outcome… I wish it were different.   www.youtube.com/watc…     From: osiris777 [mailto:osiris777@screaming….] Sent: 11 November 2015 11:32To: Andrew JohnsonSubject: Man Solves Tesla’s Secret To Amplifying Power By Nearly 5000% Man Solves Tesla’s Secret To Amplifying Power By Nearly 5000% Jim Murray has been electrifying the world for over 50 years. His lifetime of experience has produced dozens of patents, inventions and now a truly remarkable discovery that can fundamentally change the way that human beings use energy forever. When he was just five years old, Jim tells the Free Thought Project that he had already developed an affinity for motors and electricity. This curiosity was piqued by his father’s model train sets which Jim spent hours tinkering with. His natural gift and childhood passion fostered the creation of his first electromagnet when he was only six years old. Over the next several years, Jim allowed his intellectual curiosity to carry him into multiple fields. He studied and built rockets and radios when he was in grade school, and by the time he entered high school had developed an interest in nuclear physics. This led Jim to the construction of a linear electron accelerator, which was entered in the New England Science Talent Search of 1964.  This entry won young Murray first place in school, city and state science competitions. Additionally, his project was displayed in the Boston Museum of Science. It was not long after graduation that Jim began seriously examining the work of Nikola Tesla. He was fascinated by Tesla’s incredible claims concerning power generation and transmission, and he vowed to rediscover the great scientist’s undisclosed secrets. Jim’s efforts eventually led him to individuals like Otis T. Carr, who claimed to have known Tesla personally. They also gave him a greater understanding of several lost Tesla secrets. During his professional life, Jim has conducted research and experimentation on a variety of different technological applications all of which eventually contributed to the development of his SERPS (Switched Energy Resonance Power Supply) device.  This highly specialized electronic circuit has the ability to “Magnify” the effective power applied to it by nearly 50 times. When Jim coupled his device with his friend Paul Babcock’s patented ultra fast 5 nanosecond switching technology, they achieved a 4790% increase in electrical power compared to the input. This type of performance, if commercialized, would cause the largest electric utility companies to shake in their boots. www.activistpost.com… This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software. www.avast.com

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