A Few Collected Thoughts re events in Paris

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2015-11-15 20:31:55

People sometimes ask me what I think – so here are a few comments. and a couple of links.   Finding out what happened at the WTC took someone like Dr Jud Wood several years to get to a point where she was able to put evidence together into a Qui Tam case. There was A LOT that had been collected. How much evidence could you collect from the Paris event, or any of the horrible shootings in the last few years? The events on 911 were on a different scale and (fortunately) we have seen nothing on a similar scale before or since.   Attacks predicted on 9 Nov 2015? (Looks like it)   truthernews.wordpres…     Other attacks – but not the same reaction:   usuncut.com/world/be…   From Julia Ratsey:   “A well-written short piece on the culture of death, depravity and debasement that exists on this planet. No-one with access to the internet can now claim nescience. To actively choose to remain ignorant when the truth can be sought and found is an act of submission to, even compliance with, abuse of power, and an abdication of sovereign rights and responsibilities. theantimedia.org/ame…   tinyurl.com/911wrh … Question – Investigate – understand. Ignorance is a choice. Fear is the goal of the controllers – those who control your perception. Break their control and refuse to be socially engineered or intellectually compromised. This is spiritual warfare against your psyche. Know this – understand it and work out for yourself what to do about it. It involves growing and learning, not fighting and resenting.       From Julia Ratsey:”Off the top of my head, a few common denominators of false flags: no “terrorists” left alive to be tried; no investigation of the crimes, and instantaneous pronouncements by heads of state as to exactly who the perpetrators are which the elite-owned media trumpet in unison, with promises of increased security, surveillance and militarised police powers which are necessary in the interest of our freedom. With each one we become less like sheep and more like lambs being lead to slaughter.” And: : A Universal Truth.”This is why I don’t wrap the flag of a country around my profile photo. Because I would be changing flags every day due to the vast levels of deaths across the world. I suggest everyone use this moments to reflect on the state of affairs across the planet and how weapons and act of aggression in whichever direction can destroy lives. In many of the worse affected countries people don’t have the technology or means to show such solidarity and unity but it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve it or need it. we are all human and we are all one very big family.”

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