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From: Mohan Rao

Date: 2015-12-03 16:45:04

Looks like Greer dodges the question all together and changes the subject to ETs.I have two friends who went to a Greer event two years ago, in Arizona I believe, to spot UFOs at night and then communicate with them. Greer acted very strange and seemed “out of it” and was saying he saw UFOs when no one else did. They felt it was a total scam to collect a couple thousand dollars per person. All the attendees that my friends spoke to fully agreed.Mohan
It´s all about freedom, man!
On Thu, Dec 3, 2015 at 3:40 AM, wrote: Cognoscence Group 1 Message Digest #2841 1 Steven Greer Confirms his Support for the Cover Up of 911 Evidence by “Andrew Johnson” adjohnsondp Message 1 Steven Greer Confirms his Support for the Cover Up of 911 Evidence Wed Dec 2, 2015 2:22 pm (PST) . Posted by: “Andrew Johnson” adjohnsondp On 21st November, at the end of a 3 hour + talk, Steven Greer faced a question from a seemingly informed member of the audience. Greer’s response seemed to clearly underline his support for the cover up of what happened on 911. He did not discuss any real evidence – nor did he wish to. Instead, he said very little of note. One might even perceive what he said as a warning – to NOT look at the available evidence….… www.checktheevidence… Directed%20Energy%20on%20911.mp3 Question: There’s compelling evidence that not just the towers, but the entire World Trade Centre Complex was destroyed by perhaps a directed energy type of weapon something that was operating on a technology of molecular dissociation – that seems to be very much related to what you’ve been talking about. Have you looked at that? Answer: I have looked at it – you know, I have bigger fish to fry… 911 was terrible – um we lost 3000 people… it lead to 2 huge wars and trillions of dollars… [Pause] I will tell you this. I’m not going to get into specifics. I mention[ed] a gentleman named Richard Foche 3rd highest guy… Richard Foche at the Naval Research Labs he was in meetings with the then Vice President of the United States – Cheney – and he said “Absolutely it was known about in advance – and there was involvement at that level.” And he told me – and I have witnesses, multiple witnesses to this – that if he were to speak of this… (Now he’s passed away…) That he, his wife, his children and his grandchildren would all be killed. That’s all I am gonna say on the 911 issue. But there is a lot to that story – I’ve never shared publicly what I just said… but the man has passed away. So it’s not hard to … and I think most people… get into these grand conspiracy theories… Basically all you have to do is stand down. There’s constant threat – there is terrorism out there… you don’t even have to hoax an event in that case … You just have to stand down the systems that would’ve intercepted it. You understand what I am saying? So it’s like when you’re doing a ‘code blue’ … “Boom! Clear!” You say “clear” before you do the electric shock. So you just clear the system and let it come in and hit… Now, what I think happened on 911 is more like what I just described and I have very good reason to believe that because someone of that integrity and rank had a front row seat – and knew about it – and I’ve never spoken of this before right now. But I think that .. it’s disturbing, it’s enraging, but it’s a minor rounding error compared to what’s coming if we don’t end this cartel’s hegemony on the secrecy related to UFO’s, ET’s what have you. 911 is going to be a very minor blip on the screen. So that’s my warning to people – you can take it or not. But I’ve known what you’ve just asked about since it happened. My whole security team lit up like you wouldn’t believe when that happened…. Reply to sender . Reply to group . Reply via Web Post . All Messages (1) . Top ^ Visit Your Group • Privacy • Unsubscribe • Terms of Use

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