Re: Stanley Kubrick Confesses – Thoughts/Analysis

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2015-12-11 07:06:40

Many thanks to those that responded. Studying this further, it is almost certainly a fake. Here’s a 1 minute version with what Kubrick said joined together.…   Someone I know  point out it can’t be Kubrick because the nose and eyebrows are too different. There is also a mole on the left cheek.  We also only see the left side of his face and only about 3/4 of the height of his head.    I do think this shows they are ramping up disinfo efforts re the Apollo Hoax Alan writes:   I can say quite unconditionally that this is NOT Kubrick.…….0…1ac.1.64.img..0.8.553.qDhGLCZ1YPs#imgrc=VWykXjXFzFYJoM%3A   Lots of clues to those honed in the art of deception and `acting` let alone falsity (trained actor here, remember… we`re trained in the art of it, part of which is observation, duplication, characterisation, imitation, makeup, performance, motivation, body language, physicality etc). On the physicality: take a close look at his nose point and the real Kubrick`s. The video shows a sharpish point with no flaring to the sides. Kubrick`s has a noticeable flare spreading from point towards nostril. This is accentuated by the shadow and relief clearly showing no flare. Then take a look at the permanent dark and deep defined rings under his eyes from a young age which only grew with age to be deep crevices; the `actor` in the video has none. Then look at the almost certain fake stickon moustache; although Kubrick had a moustache its fluffy, the `actors` tash is straight hair and has a line which suggests fake, even if most of his beard is real. Kubrick always wore round glasses, never seen him wear glasses like in the video. Eyebrows next. Kubrick`s were extraordinary, pointed and extended over the side of his eyes. Despite age, they were still there; the actor`s in the video are not. I also notice that the rest of his face and particularly his hairline and forehead are deliberately not shown. This is supposed to be an honest documentary/expose, yet the maker clearly tries to hide as much as he can including the actor playing Kubrick`s identifying features presumably to keep some semblance of authenticity.   His body language was controlled at all times. The actor`s are not, he gets `emotional`, saying how upset he is at the fakery he was involved on the Moon landing filming. The actor is supposed to be old aged Kubrick and yet he is clearly in his fifties, (aged) early to mid fifties even, as suggested by his outward energy levels.   Next listen to his speech rhythms, they’re dramatic; Kubrick`s weren’t, his work spoke of his inner drama and feeling.   As for the `mishmash` content its clearly a camouflage for lack of genuine content; why use 5 second cuts all over the place throughout interspersed with `Kubrick` who is one of the biggest and most important filmmakers ever making the most `explosive interviews` ever. I see he mentions `conspiracy theorists for once being right`… big giveaway. IOWs `they`re wrong about everything else`, right.. which is a major part to why this video has been made I guess.   Essentially, my cat could have played the part more convincingly. Doesn’t matter we know the landings were faked here, the point of this video is another broad based attempt at debunking` the landings `conspiracy theorists` generally by deliberately making a slick but content free video that doesn’t stand up to harsh scrutiny. Its too well Hollywoodified too, right from the intro, the voiceover guy thinks he’s Mickey Spillain or something.. (just sayin`..)   The script is also as amateur as the guy who tried to con you by email recently, avoiding your contact page, the transcript I saw on your website. He wanted so much to `let you in` on a big secret that he spent almost the whole email not telling you in the lead up to gain credibility, creating a backstory for himself. His insincerity was palpable. He feigned hurt that you then called him out, when he was embarrassed that you’d rumbled him so easily. This script is similar…waiting 15 years before being allowed to `release it` LOL?! Its a production, emotive, flashy, cinematographically historic in the `lead up` and attempts revelation, IOWs `demonstrating` rather than good scripts and acting which allow the story to be told naturally, which in itself is different again to people in real life who when they are on camera especially are more subdued; art is life with all the boring bits cut out. For a man like Kubrick to even think about doing something like that, he wouldn’t have `performed it`, instead he would have done it honestly. But of course he never did because it wasn’t him. Award recording of Kubrick in old age. Even if he is reading auto cue, he’s low key and his patterns are uniform and regular. And he’s just won an award. Notice his moustache, glasses,… Young Kubrick, 100 billion   The point about the nose `tho is important. Even if we only see less than one whole side of the face, the shadow relief on the part you can see should show the flare on the end of his nose; its obvious the actor doesn’t have Kubrick`s nose at all and that apart from a dodgy moustache & hair they`ve done a poor job on makeup, having the option to rubber his nose including altering the more aquiline actor`s nose into a broader Kubrick bridge and flared tip. The crevice like almost satanic rings under his eyes are simply not there and do not disappear with age.…   On 10 Dec 2015, at 15:21, Andrew Johnson wrote: I have watched the video – but it’s a mash up and therefore difficult to follow. It SEEMS as if this really is Kubrick and he is talking about the Apollo missions. However, the editing is such that it makes it difficult to be sure.   The transcript, below, does not match the video, however for example, in one short clip in the video, Kubrick says “1969” and this is not in the transcript.   I’d be interested in any comments anyone has. From: osiris777 [mailto:osiris777@screaming….] Sent: 10 December 2015 13:54To: Andrew JohnsonSubject: Stanley Kubrick Confesses To Faking The Moon Landings Stanley Kubrick Confesses To Faking The Moon Landings A stunning new video has emerged 15 years after Stanley Kubrick’s death in which Kubrick admits that the NASA moon landings were faked.
Filmmaker T. Patrick Murray interviewed Kubrick three days before his death in March 1999. He was forced to sign an 88-page NDA to keep the contents of the interview a secret for 15 years. Below is a transcript from the interview with Stanley Kubrick, in which the 2001 Space Odyssey Director admits on camera that, “the moon landings ALL were faked , and that I was the person who filmed it.” We have included a leaked rough cut of the interview below the transcript: [SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO] K: I’m so preoccupied. With my work, innovation, risk-taking, regrets…T: Why are you giving this interview?K: Because, it started to get to me after awhile. Well, this is difficult, because it is the first time I’ve talked about it. (sighs)T: Sure, take all the time you need.K: I’ve always been conflicted by it, but not consciously until years later. I was just blown away by the chance, the opportunity, the challenge of making this, this production, and I went into this like it was a regular film, like another regular film of mine, not thinking too much about uh the long term effects of what it would mean to society if it was ever discovered.T: What are you talking about? I’m dying to know what you’re talking about.K: Well, a confession of sorts. A movie I made, that nobody is aware of – even though they’ve seen it.T: A movie you made, no one knows you made? Is that what you said?K: That’s right. Is that intriguing? Do I have you intrigued?K: I perpetrated a huge fraud on the American public, which I am now about to detail, involving the United States government and NASA, that the moon landings were faked, that the moon landings ALL were faked , and that I was the person who filmed it.T: Ok. (laughs) What are you talking…You’re serious. Ok.K: I’m serious. Dead serious.K: Yes, it was fake.T: Ok. Wait. Wait…T: I don’t want this to be an R-rated film, but seriously, what the blank, but seriously…T: I, I, I worked almost eight months to secure this once in a lifetime interview that almost no else could ever get, and instead of talking about his sixteen films that I’ve endured since I was a child…That we didn’t land on the moon, you’re saying?K: No, we didn’t.K: It was not real.T: The moon landings were fake?K: A, a, a.. fictional moon landing. A fantasy. It was not real.K: Don’t you think it’s important for people to know the truth?T: The moon landing in ’69, which was two years before my birth…K: Is total fiction.T: Total fiction.T: Is that?…So, that’s the 15 year thing. So that’s makes sense now. That’s why I can’t release it for 15 years now, that makes total sense now.T: Did we…we didn’t land on the moon you’re saying?K: No, we didn’t.T: Why are you telling me?K: A, a, a, a massive fraud. An unparalleled fraud perpetrated against them. They SHOULD know.K: Nixon want to uh, they were planning, yeah, he want to fake this, this moon landing…T: Are you contending that people DON’T want to know the truth about the world, reality, the moon landings…?K: The government, knowing this, takes advantage of it by perpetrating fraud after fraud after fraud.T: How did you end up giving in? Being complicit with this fraud?K: I didn’t want to do it.T: This is NOT where I thought this interview was going!K: With my help, with my, with my aid, and it is, it is bothering me.T: I only have this certain amount of time with you. And I’ll talk about whatever you want, but…T: You’re not…This isn’t some type of joke, or…K: No. No, it’s not.T: Or a film within a film thing…K: Not joking. NOPE.T: Okay.K: The conspiracy theorists were right, on this occasion.T: I don’t know what to ask you first.K: I thought it was wrong, I just…I didn’t believe in perpetrating a fraud like that.T: But you did.K: It also undermined my artistic integrity to do that.T: Ok, but you ended up saying yes. Why?K: Well, yes, but because basically I was bribed. To put it bluntly, that’s what it was. It was just a plain fucking bribe.T: Why are you telling me?K:A, a, a, massive fraud. An unparalleled fraud perpetrated against them. They SHOULD know! Don’t you think it’s important for people to know the truth?T: Why did they have to fake it? Why? Why would they ever need to do something like that? Why would the government ever want or need to do…K: It’s no secret that NASA always wanted to fulfill this Kennedy prophecy.T: Take it from the beginning…T: I gotta be honest, this is where he (Kubrick) got me. I mean, when I actually put myself in his position, when I actually imagine that he was telling the truth, and that he was presented with this opportunity and if in the one in a billion chance that I lived his life and I was presented with the same opportunity, what would I do?T: Yeah, he wanted his approval points up and he thought nothing could do it better than this.T: What a conflict. I mean, gosh, I can’t imagine being presented with that opportunity. On one hand, I’d really would want to do it, but then I’d probably say I’m committing a crime, and lying…T: It depends, but my guess would be…no, if you’re good, but you would do it.K: Spielberg, (inaudible) Scorsese, even Woody Allen. There isn’t one of them who wouldn’t do this.T: I gotta admit: I’d do it. I’d do it too.T: But they dangled all this power and all this flattery on you, essentially?K: Yeah, it got to me after awhile. You can listen to so much of that stuff before you start to believe it.T: They just said you were the greatest and stuff?K: Yeah, yeah – and I agreed with them.K: Why are you telling the world? Why does the world need to know that the moon landings aren’t real and you faked them?K: Which I consider to be my masterpiece.T: And you can’t take credit, or even talk about…K: Well, I am now..T: Right, so you’ll be dead. In ten years, or 15…K: Right, ten or 15 something like that.T: So, you can’t talk to Roger Ebert about it. Does that frustrate you?T: Why did they have to fake it? Why would they have to do that?K: Because it is impossible to get there.T: Ok, back up, back up, back up….…

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