Re: NASA – 9th Planet and “Heat Shield Problems”

From: jon_devlin

Date: 2016-01-21 11:53:49

Is that a tongue planted firmly on a check that I can see Andrew? I’m pretty sure that our world amateur astronomers have the ability both in terms of hardware and skill to detect these sort of objects should they exist? One thing that I heard spoken of recently was the Van Allen Belts debate and what was being proposed was the location of where one passes through and for how long has the most bearing on its affects? I see this as ‘one’ of the pieces of evidence to prove why we didn’t do with those that we have been told went. Have you looked at this specific element Andrew and have you heard this seemingly reasonable proposal? I like the heat/cold one best of all as its something that everyone that’s ever used or tried to use a battery powered item in the cold should appreciate. I used to climb in high mountains and I can tell you a head torch eats batteries in even modest -C temps. Can only imagine what – 190+ would do to the car battery?

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