Re: FW: Sandy Hook truther to face jury

From: adjohnsondp

Date: 2016-02-02 21:17:15

 Thanks John….And those (like me) pointing out the truth are perceived to be also “helping the infighting”, so to speak – by taking up the “opposing” (truthful) side to the liars.I know the official story of Sandy Hook is false. I think the nub of the issue is how much of it was faked. I did watch some of the reactions of the people involved (the chief medical officer, for example and some of the parents) and it was really weird. But what bugged me at the time was the heavy promotion of “Crisis Actors” – just after Simon Shack had been talking about them in relation to 911 (and he’d used this argument to declare ALL 911 video and photo evidence to be fake – a few months before Sandy Hook happened). It was a new phase in PsyOps I think. Regarding Smallstorm and Fetzer, I haven’t studied much of what they have put out about Sandy Hook however, I know they have lied about 911 evidence or misrepresented it – so their “track record” is clear. All that is in my book, of course – which I think you’ve already read? ( Fetzer and Halbig both changed their story in front of the school board. They’d previously claimed no children were killed. The whole story is emotionally charged due to it being an elementary/primary school shooting.

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