Re: FW: Sandy Hook truther to face jury

From: jon_devlin

Date: 2016-02-03 13:13:08

Yes, both of what you cite have been covered by the researchers I’ve previously mentioned and they also cover the numerous spurious myths and misrepresentation that permeates this subject, not unlike the same treatment of Dr Wood’s evidence. Therein, lies a clue.I’m confident that if people took the time to actually look at the research of those that have did the sourced research then they would come to the following realisation.The several thousand page multi-Book official document is pretty open and comprehensive and save a particular specific area that is missing, its otherwise, backed up by the many 100’s of various agency officials involved in the numerous inter-agency activity on the day and in the immediate days. Think of this book akin to WDTTG. You’ll find that those citing the myths haven’t read and fail to address the evidence contained within. The researchers I cite including Deanna have.The other shooters is akin to Nukes, Mini-Nukes, Thermite etc etc i.e Distraction from the conclusive evidence contained within the official Multi-Book report ( here’s a link   Connecticut State Police Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Report) Connecticut State Police Sandy Hook Elementary S… Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Reports      The reports below document the many stages of the investigation of the December 14, 2012 shootings at Sand… View on cspsandyhookreport.c… Preview by Yahoo  I’ve read articles and listened to probably 50Hrs on this specific subject because it became clear that this was being used both by the Official’s and the Truth Movement for specific aims that are not yet being grasped by most. I can’t offer any hard evidence to dissuade the allegations that certain people on the day or days after the mass shooting of Children and Adults at Sandy Hook showed be it, odd, disturbing, uncharacteristic behaviours? But, my comment would be how would we have reacted when confronted with the scene of unprecedented horror of all those infant-children bodies, even if you were a hardened seasoned Medical Examiner of 20years? What, would have satisfied your own mind, if he’d shown us tears, a distraught demeanour, may be he hadn’t prepared himself, how would one and what would be the correct response and how would that have swayed or changed events? But, if this is what people base their conclusions on then you too have to substantiate how this equates to 20 children not being murdered that day?I’ve taken a similar type of flack on my stance and backing of Deanna’s evidence based conclusions, to what I know you’ve taken in spades in your defence of the evidence that Dr Wood presents. And, probably like you I only need cite the evidence and yes at times the groaning common-sense of things in my trusted defence.Yes, this is a very important subject and is linked and gives important clues to the ills we know exists today. It has also shown me that people favour their ego/image and the comfort of being with the majority herd even when they are provably wrong.  

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