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From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2016-03-23 11:54:48

Attachments :Thanks to Adam for noting this…  Note the date. “Final preparations…”?  Brussels Airport moves borderMarch 17, 2016In the night of 16 to 17 March Brussels Airport was teeming with activity as the connection between Connector and pier B was being put into service. An operation that required the Belgian border at our airport needed to be moved. From now on, all passengers – regardless of their destination – will first have to go through the security screening in Connector. Non-Schengen passengers whose plane departs from gates B will then proceed to the new border control checkpoint in Connector.150 collaborators get the job done in just one night  The operational changes involved with the opening of Connector to Pier B were enormous. The equipment of the old screening platform and of the border control booths in the departures hall had to be taken apart. All equipment had be reinstalled and tested in the new environment.The border control in the departure hall had to be closed off and the signage in the departure hall had to be adapted.A gigantic task that had to be done in just one night.Duty-free area in pier B becomes a secure zone
The duty-free area of Pier B is now located beyond the security screening which means that its status had to be changed to that of ‘secure zone’. In order to be able to declare the zone secure, all shops, restaurants and other places in this zone underwent a security check.       

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