Louis Rota, Universal Current and “Dissolving Metals”

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2016-04-09 23:41:16

Jonathan kindly sent me an article from the Feb/March 2016 Issue of Nexus Magazine, discussing the work of Louis Rota. The article was written by Michael Watson  http://wikirota.org/en/The_Work_of_Louis_Rota  What probably caught Jonathan’s interest (and definitely mine) – shown on the page above was this:  “Rota maintained that all matter is made of condensed Universal Currents and that any metal could be slowly dissolved releasing the condensed Universal Currents from which it was made. The enormous energy developed during the dissolution of matter could be harnessed. The released energy was not in the form of charged particles but in the form of more Universal Current, which in turn, could be converted into electrical energy. The Universal Current was generally (but not always) harmless and although similar in behavior to electricity it is much more fundamental. Rota understood electricity as a degeneration of the Universal Current. In short, matter is composed of nothing but Universal Current and could be decomposed back into it.”  Reading the rest of the article, it sounds sort of like a cross between Orgone Energy and the sort of energy John Hutchison was able to direct and control, to some extent. Read more from the page above by clicking on the horizontal headings, thus:  LGV Rota’s TheoriesThe Work of Louis RotaLayman’s ArticlesNature and detection of the Universal CurrentsEarth AntennaThe Universal Currents    

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