Re: Correct URL – David Icke doesn’t know basic facts about the worl

From: Mohan Rao

Date: 2016-08-22 22:57:31

It seems as if this is leading to the conclusion that nothing is real and no reality exists outside of one´s own reality. And since we perceive everything as electrical signals in the back of our brains, the only reality is simply these signals. I get the feeling the conclusion that is coming is that nothing matters except how we perceive reality. I think this is the key to solipsism which is a fast path to Satanism – the idea that our own pleasure and power is all that matters. So maybe Icke is controlling the perception of truth in order to manipulate followers into believing that the truth does not exist. Solipsism.I really appreciate much of his work in the new book Phantom Self where he exposes many “hidden” technological and cultural actions (wi-fi, microwave, fluoride, heart-left/right brain separation, transhumanism, etc.) and puts together the connecting agenda which appears to be the AI agenda.But by supporting solipsism and promoting the “explosions did it” theory of 911, I think we have to be ready for a really big lie to come from him. Maybe he will direct his followers to some trick with Disclosure? Icke mentions in Phantom Self that a group of thousands of engineers agree that the govt´s version of 911 is incorrect. This is an indirect support of A&Efor911Truth. Icke also has a full understanding of Dr. Wood´s comprehensive analysis thanks to Andrew´s one on one meeting. So we have Icke promoting large amounts of truth that is very beneficial to all and at the same time promoting huge lie of solipsism as well as hiding of the DEW that was used on 911. So Icke maybe is working alongside controllers to keep the biggest lies going. Or maybe he was threatened and told he could talk about anything he wants but not the DEW of 911. It still seems like a good idea to get people to read his books. There is so much exposure of hidden information as well as the ability to connect the dots. But then there are these two glaring problems of solipsism and hiding the 911 DEW.Mohan
It´s all about freedom, man!

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