FW: Nancy Talbot and Facebook – BLT Research website-new posts

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2016-08-27 09:09:23

Attachments :This is an interesting post from Nancy Talbot and it’s such a pain that facebook deleted her account.  From: Nancy Talbott Sent: 26 August 2016 22:13To: Subject: BLT Research website-new posts  Hi, All….  In May, 2015 I started a FB page—partly because I could no longer afford to pay the webmaster to post reports about constantly occurring new circles & events and partly in an effort to try to reach a wider audience with the scientific info available about the crop circle phenomenon and the increasing evidence that a consciousness of some kind is involved, derived in part from my many years of work with Dutch “medium” Robbert v/d Broeke (the only person yet known who knows when & where new ccs in Holland are, or will be, forming).  There has been a constant stream of new circles & astonishing events involving Robbert which I was only able to post on FB.  But on Aug. 14th Facebook closed my FB page, giving no warning or explanation—after two very important posts.    (1) On August 10, 2016, Robbert was able to videotape, in broad daylight, a sparkly yellow-gold light-ball making a small “satellite” circle in a Dutch field where a formation had occurred a few weeks earlier.  During the entire time the light-ball is present Robbert’s silhouette can be clearly seen with both hands holding the camera & photo analyst Dan Drasin states that the autoexposure of Robbert’s videocamera is compensated “exactly as would be expected” and that this compensation “is ’just right’ in terms of degree and the timing of onset and recovery.”  In other words this is the first unquestionably authentic video of a light-ball making a crop circle.  BLT Report on Light-Ball Video:  www.bltresearch.com/…      (2) On Aug. 13, I posted the fact that Laurance Rockefeller had made copies of the BLT study he funded, the “Clay Mineral XRD Study,” and another report he had asked me to write about the v/d Broeke case—both of which he had sent to Dr. John H. Gibbons, previous Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology and assistant to President Bill Clinton for science and technology–who by then was serving as an adviser to the State Department.    The only comment I made about this was:  “the fact that both of these reports were received, and read, by Dr. Gibbons and are now apparently filed somewhere in the U.S. gov’t archives of the White House Office of Science & Technology suggests to me that the U.S. government takes such matters as crop circles and the “medium”  abilities of people like Robbert v/d Broeke seriously.”  Within hours of this post my FB page was removed.   BLT Report on Laurance Rockefeller post:  http://www.bltresearch.com/published/facebookclosure.pdf      If I am to continue making public the ongoing important events relating to the crop circles I need money to pay the BLT web-master for her services.  I am hoping to have a Paypal account set up in the next few days and checks or M.O. can be sent to the NEW P.O. Box for BLT Research Team, below.  I won’t be able to make regular reports without this help.  Hope you enjoy these reports—particularly Robbert’s unambiguous video of a light-ball creating a new crop circle—something crop circle enthusiasts have been hoping for for years.  And that you’ll help spread the word about what happened to my FB page so my “friends” won’t continue to think they were arbitrarily “blocked.”    Thanks & bye for now,Nancy  Nancy TalbottBLT Research Team Inc.P.O. Box 410051Cambridge, MA  02141  (USA)ph:  617/492-0415http://www.bltresearch.com       

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