Re: Correct URL – David Icke doesn’t know basic facts about the worl

From: Hilz Kitching

Date: 2016-08-31 13:26:45

Can someone remind Mr Icke that airlines, esp for transatlantic flights, follow specific routes mapped out by organisations such as NATS:​*  ​​   Note how the Guardian’s video animation here has maintained the Earth as a sphere showing​ the flights following the curvature of the    Earth. ​*  Find “(due to the curvature of the Earth)​” under the “Which NAT” section below the Routing Table.​         Note: VATSIM is a serious air traffic control simulation organisation which copies real-world flight planning and communications   procedures as much as is legally permitted. ​*  ​*  Is this Airline Captian lying? Ha, ha I don’t think so:…      the-curvature-of-the-earth.html* example from a Wikipedia search “North Atlantic Tracks”:… fails to mention the reasons for the route-planning being directed in a certain way. Surely the most basic of facts such as due to the ‘curvature of the Earth’ is why transatlantic flight plans can’t follow a straight line path, but is instead labelled as a minimum time route (MTR).  Deliberate negligence by Wikipedia?Is it also a coincidence that Icke has his name at the top of the list on Wikipedia under the search term: “Reptilians” . If it was of any real significance it would not be added. HilzHilary J Kitching  EngTech  MInstRE  On 21 August 2016 at 10:33, ‘Andrew Johnson’ ad.johnson@ntlworld…. [Cognoscence] wrote:…? v=EKpi9zc36bs Perhaps we all don’t exist and this is just a waste of time…. To add, if doesn’t know the earth is a globe then he should just stop researching and stop giving public talks. It’s a bit like saying “I don’t know how many limbs I’ve got.”

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