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Date: 2016-09-05 03:18:34

A lot here to consider. Some considerations here could be part of the conundrum too.I copy/paste below a post i made on one of the orgone lists back in 2003, considering the notion that the biblical ‘Ark Of The Covenant’ was functionally an orgone accumulatorImo, the ark would have functioned as a pretty powerful orgone accumulator. All sorts of constructional detail and instructions about erecting the tent they had for it, dismantling it , carrying it about and so on can be found atEx. xxv. Num. vii, 9 and 21 1K. viii, 8 and Num iv. 5,20These refs go into the mode of use. Josh. iii. and vi.You can track something of it’s later sojourn through various levitical familiesat 1Sam. vii. 2Sam. vi. 3,11 1Chron xiii. 13and xv. 24, 25.You might get into the high priestattire details around Ex. xxviii and Lev xviWhat starts to emerge from all this, if you cut through the religious context isthat Moses who was pretty high up in the Egyptian hierarchy, legged it out ofEgypt with his trusty band of stalwarts, making off with some top secret militarytech. They put it together in the desert, loaded it up with a couple of chunksof gently radioactive granite, powerfully charged with ‘the finger of god’and lugged it about for 40yrs under a hot sun in the desert, Moses blagging on about the promised land.This was an on the hoof, closely controlled, extended version of Reich’sexplosive ‘oranur’ experiment. It would have had the effect of initially cullingthe weaker members of the tribe, but through succeeding years greatlystrengthening the rest. By the time the new generations emerged from the desertto take canaan or whatever, they would have been unstoppable. Aubrey Westlake, anenglish MD and radionic practitioner (he died in the 70s i think) wrote a bookcalled the pattern of health with a very good chapter or two on the healthimplications of Reich’s oranur…, if you strip out the religious context, the priests garment descriptionsseem less about fancy garb than about protective clothing for safely working with andaround this highly energetic piece of kit. Notice the specific placement of allthe gemstones, each in a little metal ‘nest’ all interlinked with chains (notstring, orgonite pendant producers take note) all fixed to sheets of leather.Multiple swaddling layers of woven cloth, metal bits at extremities, clangingbells, rings and all-sorts.And a final rather off topic consideration, where is it now? Did it really endup in a cave in the side of Mt Moriah, beneath the site of the crucifixion? Thecrack in the rock above it which starts from the centre of three sockets cut inthe stone topside and terminates by cracking the actual stone slab placed overit, is caked throughout with a dry, now black powder. This, allegedly, has turnedout to be dried human blood. Could it be that the final drops of sacrificialblood to fall upon the mercy seat of the most high was actually Jesus own? Thereis something so mind blowingly apt about it, i am inclined to think yes. Here isa site that seriously considers it (and chariot wheels in the red sea??) link goes to some reliable pages about Reich and his orgone

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