Directed Energy Weapons and an Aether / Orgone Field


By Leon Southgate

(Additions and some minor edits by Andrew Johnson)

14 Oct 2016


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Dr Judy Wood has noted in her book, ‘Where Did The Towers Go?’ (www.wheredidthetower…  ) that somewhere between a million and a million and a half tonnes of material did not hit the ground, in solid form, during the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre (WTC) complex. Each quarter-mile high tower had approximately 500,000 tonnes of material. In addition WTC7, which also “dustified”, was a 47 storey skyscraper with not insignificant weight. The rubble from these disappearances didn’t even reach to the original height of the lobby of the Towers. Fourteen people survived in a central stairwell within one of the Towers (Stairwell B), despite a supposed half a million tonnes of matter collapsing on their heads. There were strange field effects, cold fires, instant rusting of hundreds of nearby vehicles, internally melted and swirled metal beams, ultra-fine dust, cold glowing objects and force-fields which threw people and heavy objects despite no commensurately high winds.


In her book, Dr Wood first examines the Pancake Collapse theory, which is the official account, and the Controlled Demolition (CD) theory, which is the theory promoted by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and other groups. She found both of them to be inconsistent with the actual evidence, particularly that of “dustification”. These theories cannot explain the absence of one million tonnes of matter and many other pieces of evidence besides. Not a single toilet was found in the debris for example – all tens of thousands of them were completely dustified – yet paper survived intact in large quantities. Also, despite more than a million tonnes of material supposedly being blown up above it, the delicate underground waterproofing structure (the ‘Bathtub’) survived virtually unscathed. There was also minimal damage to the tube train tunnels underneath WTC. Even a nuclear explosion cannot cause such specific effects so how could thermite, or any other explosive, possibly consummate such a process?


This doesn't look like a collapse!The seismic evidence was less than expected for WTC1 and 2 and virtually absent for WTC7. The minimal damage to buildings adjacent to the WTC complex was not consistent with the WTC being “exploded” or “pulverised”. Wood gives alternate explanations for the presence of thermitic material in the WTC dust and for most of the other arguments for a non-conventional CD put forward by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.


She then examines the actual evidence that a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) was used. She takes into account in great detail at least fifteen different types of observed evidence. She finds the evidence to indicate effects for which mainstream science has no explanation. It is as almost if an atom bomb were to be used in the 17th century. It would appear incomprehensible and the people back then would likely either outright deny or try to account for the effects in their own terms. Terms which would completely fail to explain the actual observations.





Wood concentrates on actual evidence rather than theories. The evidence she narrates causes her to have no other choice but to put forward the hypothesis that the effects, in her view, inconsistent with either the Pancake or CD theories, can only have been carried out by an unknown type of technology. It would have to be a technology that can reduce huge amounts of matter to ultra-fine dust. She then searched for similar effects that are already known and came across the work of Canadian inventor and researcher John Hutchison (www.thehutchisoneffe… ,www.johnkhutchison.c… ). Based on the pioneering work of Tesla (… ), Hutchison developed a system of multiple, interactive electromagnetic fields. Hutchison used Tesla coils, an electrostatic field generator and other equipment. His work provoked the interest of the military but Hutchison resisted and his lab was broken up and destroyed by government agents. Hutchison continued his work nonetheless putting much of it in the public arena. He has demonstrated strange effects such as levitation of objects, melting of different objects at a cold temperature, fusion of different types of material such as wood and metal, anomalous cold fires and dustification of objects to name but a few. These effects are similar to some of the effects Dr Wood noted occurred on 9/11, but on a massive scale. She therefore had to assume some kind of energy weapon was used to destroy the WTC complex. She called this a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW).

Hutchison’s experimental work was based definitively on Tesla’s pioneering turn of the century work in electromagnetism. Tesla was a genius whose work has provided much of the modern electrical infrastructure we take for granted. However, because Tesla was such a genius, both practically and theoretically, his work took him well beyond simple electromagnetism. This is why his work and name are much less well-known than they should be. He overstepped the mark and went into a physics I believe the US military want kept top-secret. The aether is perhaps the military’s biggest secret. That is why physics is so confused today. The aether was falsely excised by the fraudulent 19th century work of Michelson and Morley and then banished, seemingly forever by Einstein’s metaphysical theory of a non-existent space-time plenum and Quantum Physic’s (QP) equally metaphysical particle mechanics in an empty space. A non-substantial “aether” keeps getting reinvented however. Sometimes it appears in the “safe” form of Einstein’s space-time or QP’s wave/particle duality. Otherwise it re-emerges as the non-substantive Zero Point Field. Physics doesn’t really make much sense otherwise. The reason physics is so hard to understand is not because it is inherently complex but simply because it is missing something crucial in its foundations.


eugene malloveIf one is observing ducks floating in a bathtub but swears blind that the water doesn’t exist then one would have to make up all sorts of incomprehensible theories in order to explain the behaviour of the floating plastic ducks. Relativity physics and QP similarly are both ‘empty space’ paradigms that deny the existence of the bathwater. Electrical charge and field effects are mediated by a field of nothingness – the metaphysical space-time. Prominent physicists, academics and cosmologists who challenge the physics paradigm of empty space are either marginalised, ignored or find themselves living rather short lives. Some examples are Caroline Thompson, a Welsh academic who was very critical of mainstream physics (her posthumous website has been taken down unfortunately), there is Eugene Mallove (www.infinite-energy…. ), a prominent physicist who was murdered the day after talking about aether on mainstream radio (he was also interested in orgone).


Then there is Dayton Miller (… ) a physicist and contemporary of Einstein who showed very good experimental evidence for the existence of a dynamic, cosmic aether. His work shows that Michelson and Morley’s aether dismissal was spurious. Miller was constantly undermined and sidelined, his work being falsified and misrepresented and finally buried altogether after his death by Einstein and his colleagues. Then there is the cosmologist Halton Arp (… ) who showed that space is not empty but full of cosmic plasma (also that the Big Bang did not occur and the universe is not uniformly expanding). Russian physics acknowledges that ‘space’ is full of plasma.


Perhaps, as argued here (… ), mainstream Western physics is directly the result of a conspiracy against humanity. It is a physics of plastic ducks minus the bathwater. So why is the bathwater, the aether, so dangerous? In a nutshell, because you can power anything from it for free and, as we are discovering, it can be weaponised.


Many people admire Tesla in alternative knowledge fields. However, not as many people realise that Tesla was not only a genius of electromagnetism but was also a genius of the aether. In fact it was upon the aether that his work was actually based. Therefore, Hutchison’s work, being based upon Tesla, is also emergent from aether properties. Aether and a cosmic orgone are more or less the same thing. There are some subtleties differentiating the concepts but not enough to be that meaningful, see here for a fuller description of aether and orgone (… ).


Image result for tesla aether electricityTesla’s radiant electricity was transmitted without wires. He realised this was possible because there are in effect, two types of electricity, the normal “hot” type of electricity which travels in transverse waves and another “cold” type of electricity which travels in longitudinal waves as a wave in the aether. It is this aether wave which can be sent a distance from its source allowing the wave to be downloaded and transformed into ‘electricity’ at a distant point.


Tesla always suspected that there was an aether but he proved it to himself with his glowing vacuum tube experiments indicating the presence of a very light gaseous aether.


Here’s what Tesla said about the aether,



“Only the existence of a field of force can account for the motions of the bodies as observed, and its assumption dispenses with space curvature. All literature on this subject is futile and destined for oblivion. So are all attempts to explain the workings of the universe without recognising the existence of the aether and the indispensable function it plays in the phenomena. My second discovery was of a physical truth of the greatest importance…..There is no energy in matter other than that received from the environment.”



So here Tesla is saying relativity theory is futile (he refers to it obliquely as space-time curvature). He is also saying no physical phenomena can be understood if we throw out the bathwater (the aether) so this pretty much cuts out QP at it is known today. Lastly he returns nuclear physics back to its Victorian conception by denying that energy comes from matter itself but rather from the aether. The early Victorian experimentalists thought that the nucleus of the atom was too small to account for the huge amount of energy that appeared to radiate from it.


In fact, Tesla didn’t think of electro-magnetism as an electrical phenomena at all. He thought of it as an aether phenomena. Tesla stated,



Electricity acts like an incompressible fluid..” 



or in other words, electricity acts as a wave in the aether, the aether being a fluid.


Tesla stated this even more concretely,



Electricity and aether phenomena are identical.” 





The orgone/aether scientists, the Correas (…) confirm that,



“Tesla coils emit a special form of mass-free radiation that is not electromagnetic in character and not sourced in ionic emissions.”


So if a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) exists, and is based on Tesla and Hutchison type effects, it cannot be fully understood without understanding aether/orgone. All the greats of the discovery era of electricity believed in an aether – Maxwell, Faraday, Thomson, Crookes, Kelvin, Mendeleev and Tesla. They did this not because they were misinformed or lacking intelligence. They did this because they were right! It is obvious that waves occur within a medium and that particle effects presuppose a medium in which to occur. This medium has been hidden from humanity in order to keep people suppressed.


Wilhelm Reich stated that orgone is a life-force that exists everywhere, is compressible, measurable with instruments and has effects on organisms and on matter. It flows in space where it could be described as a cosmic aether. When orgone is irritated by nuclear radiation or by “hot” electricity (such as XRays or microwaves) a life negative, destructive form of orgone is created called oranur (ORgone Against NUcleaR). Oranur can make people feel sick, it attacks people physically and mentally, causes high Geiger counts and is impossible to shield.


Here is some of the common ground between the effects that Dr Wood outlined for a DEW as compared to the effects of oranur:


1. Ultra-fine Dust


Wood notes that there were some very odd effects regarding the dust at 9/11. Explosions and Controlled Demolitions create coarse dust which settles in minutes. They do not cause ultra-fine dust which then continues to dustify after it has hit the ground. Wood calls this effect “Fuzzballs”. When the first responders were walking through the dust pile, clouds of even finer dust formed around their feet. This wasn’t even dust. It was nano-dust, particulates the size of DNA. Again explosions don’t cause this effect. As discussed the Hutchison effect was known to cause small examples of dustification. There is something else which might cause this effect – oranur. In “Blackening Rocks” in the First Oranur Report (See Selected Writings of Wilhelm Reich, Oranur Chapter) Wilhelm Reich notes how oranur literally eats away at rocks causing them to lose their structure. He also notes how strange substances he called orite and melanor can be formed when oranur is very high.


2. Rapid Degradation of Steel into Rusted Iron


Wood notes hundreds of strange vehicle effects around the WTC and nearby areas including vehicles where instant, extreme rusting can be seen in just one part of the vehicle.


Orgone is attracted most strongly to steel and iron. Orgone is non-entropic. It goes from less to more, from lower to higher, from less complex to more complex just as you would expect a life-force to do (life is itself a non-entropic process). However the negative aspect of orgone, oranur, is a destructive energy that tends to work in an entropic direction. Oranur can be created either with nuclear or electrical irritation of an intense orgone field. So if a supercharged electro-oranur field existed it might be expected to be attracted to metal, especially steel, as orgone is attracted to steel and iron. As oranur tends to degrade matter an electro-oranur field might also be expected to degrade steel into iron.


3. Continuing Breakdown

 Oranur also causes what is known in orgonomy as bionous breakdown in cells or even in rocks. Reich observed tiny vesicles, the size of a clump of viruses, that were an intermediate entity between living and non-living things. Living cells and non-living matter under the influence of oranur, can break down into bion vesicles. It is quite conceivable that an electro-oranur field could break down both organic and inorganic matter into bions. One of the things about bion processes is they are self-sustaining to some extent once initiated. Wood noted that the WTC dust continued to break down even after it settled. This may suggest some kind of bionous process.


4. Non-destruction of Paper


Wood noted that not a single toilet out of the tens of thousands in the buildings was found in the rubble. How can a force that can dustify over a million tonnes of material in minutes not be capable of dissolving all the paper in the buildings as well?


Orgone and its offshoot oranur, is absorbed by non-conducting, dielectric materials. It appears paper is an extreme example of such a dielectric material and therefore some of it escaped being dustified.


5. Charge Build-up

Wood notes that there seemed to be a ‘charge build-up’ in the buildings that may have precipitated their collapse. She noted that the aluminium cladding on the towers may have helped keep this charge within the buildings. If an electro-oranur field was used, this is exactly the effect one would expect – metal attracts and then reflects orgone type energies. The outer metal cladding would attract and then reflect the oranur internally into the building amplifying its potency.

6. Amplification


The metal cladding, in effect, turned the Towers into two gigantic orgone accumulators (metal attracts and then reflects orgone, dielectric materials absorb orgone, layering of the two can cause a preferential flow of orgone). Oranur produced by nuclear irritation can greatly amplify certain physical effects such as Geiger counts. An electrical oranur could amplify Hutchison type effects.


7. Cold Processes


Orgone is a cold energy. A concentration of orgone in a cabinet can cause a small rise in temperature but generally orgone processes run without generating heat. Reich developed an orgone motor which produced motion but without heat. The Geiger readings for high oranur concentrations were noted by Reich to show extremely high counts. Counts this high would normally indicate a ‘hot’ nuclear process of dangerous proportions. However, Reich noted such readings, safely, at room temperature with high levels of oranur. So it appears oranur could partly fit the bill for the anomalous cold processes such as the cold glowing fires and the cold glowing materials in the rubble. The dustification was mainly a cold process too as there was no heat noted anywhere near capable of dustifying all that material.


8. Similarity to Low Energy Nuclear Radiation or Cold Fusion (LENR)


Wood notes that the dust exhibited signs of molecular disassociation consistent with LENR. Such processes are unlikely to be matter based – dependent on energy from within the nucleus of the atom. Certainly, this world be in keeping with Tesla’s view and with all the other greats of the electromagnetic discovery era. It is likely that LENR is dependent on an aether/orgone process for its energy.


9. Radio Communication Suppressed


Wood noted that radio communication was suddenly blocked within the Towers before their dustification. One quality of orgone type energies is that they are antagonistic toward electrical fields. Orgone clouds XRay photographs and can suppress electrical circuits.


10. Unusual Magnetic Phenomena Over a Wide Geographic Area


As orgone is a natural earth energy its manipulation could have effects far afield changing the earth’s magnetic fields. Orgone is known to magnetize or demagnetize in certain circumstances. A high oranur charge would be expected to suppress magnetism generally. This is exactly what was noted on 9/11 in various measuring stations.


11. Weather Manipulation


Wood notes that hurricane Erin, off the coast of New York shortly before 9/11, was ignored by mainstream media. This was despite it being on a “collision course” with New York. On the day of 9/11 the hurricane suddenly changed course, moved back out to the Atlantic and then headed north.


Orgone fields have been shown to possibly deflect hurricanes on two occasions. Once was in the 1950s by Wilhelm Reich (Hurricane Edna) when a hurricane was threatening the coast of Maine in the US. The latter time was in the 1970s by Dr Blasband again on the East Coast of the US (Hurricane Doria). Both anomalously changed direction and headed back out to the Atlantic when cloudbusters depleted their energy. A single orgone cloudbuster can move orgone over an area as great as half a continent and appears to be able to de-energise a hurricane. There is solid, peer-reviewed academic and field evidence for cloudbusters. The spectacular results from Demeo’s field operations in Africa were for a while supported by the Eritrean government. See Synopsis Section, pg 228 of Southgate’s Reich Bibliography for overview of cloudbuster research (… ).


12. Power Sources


It is has been posited that directing orgone streams against the natural atmospheric flow using cloudbusters, could create swirls of dangerous energy. This could result in hurricanes or other dangerous phenomena. It is possible that hurricanes could be created artificially using energy manipulation. The hurricane during 9/11 may also have served as a power source, the orgone energy being siphoned off and channelled into destructive oranur activity.


13. Gravity


On page 95 of his book, “Contact with Space” Reich mentions “negative gravity” (www.wilhelmreichtrus…). Wood notes how witnesses near the WTC reported being levitated during the unfolding events. Photographs of some vehicles also show they have been flipped upside down. (Reich’s mention of “negative gravity” is in relation to his earlier study of “Ea.” Reich’s abbreviation for “Energy alpha” – primordial energy. He also used this abbreviation to mean “Visitors from Outer Space”). Reich additionally stated that he had equations for negative gravity but did not disclose them publically, although the American Air Force may have been aware of them (Selected Writings of Wilhelm Reich). Reich also kept the “Y Factor” undisclosed – a central aspect of his orgone motor. The orgone motor itself may have had anti-gravity effects. Reich stated that the orgone motor was related both to the cloudbuster and to certain oranur functions in its mode of operation. A change in the feel of gravity has been subjectively noted near to the operating field of active cloudbusters (as related by Dr Baker, who inherited the leadership of Reich’s organisation the ACO – American College of Orgonomy in their Journal of Orgonomy).

14. Desiccation

Oranur is very “thirsty”. Exposure to concentrated oranur literally pulls moisture out of the body and from the environment. The dustification process on 9/11 must have involved an enormous depletion of water from the million plus tonnes of materials – we see little evidence in what was left – of all the water that would have been in tanks and pipes in the towers (i.e. why didn’t we see more “sludge” as opposed to just dust?). 

15. Glowing Objects

After the nuclear oranur experiment that Reich conducted, some of the metal sheets in the orgone room glowed red and purple for weeks without producing heat. Unusual glowing fogs were also seen. An electric oranur might produce similar anomalous glowing materials to those detailed by Wood in the rubble on and after 9/11.




Reich originally conceived of orgone counteracting nuclear radiation in case of a nuclear war between the US and Korea back in the 1950s. He thought that it might be possible to immunise people against radioactivity. That is why he originally undertook the orgone versus nuclear experiments that resulted in the discovery of oranur energy. There is no published research within orgonomy regarding the study of oranur as a possible weapon. Neither has any interest been expressed along these lines. However, one long time harasser of orgone researchers did once make claims about knowing how to weaponise oranur. This person seems to have had outside financial support so it is possible he is on a payroll and a government insider may have suggested the idea to him.


The processes involved in the Hutchison Effect and in Tesla’s radiant electricity are dependent, in Tesla’s view, on an underlying medium – an aether. Orgone and its negative counterpart, oranur, are a cosmic and biological force which acts in the environment, and in space, like an aether. The effects noted on 9/11 by Wood are consistent with various behaviours of a type of negative orgone energy called oranur. Thirteen specific types of orgone/oranur behaviour are possibly consistent with these effects. It appears that the destructive processes on 9/11 may be a combination of Hutchison/Tesla fields with an oranur field. Orgone can be excited into an oranur state by both nuclear radiation and ‘hot’ electricity, particularly microwaves and XRays. It appears possible that the WTC destruction was caused by some type of DEW weapon that incorporates both an electrical Hutchison type component and an aether/orgone/oranur component – an electro-oranur directed field weapon.


Leon Southgate – www.orgonecontinuum….

Andrew Johnson – www.checktheevidence…


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