David Cayton on the 1993 Maslin Beach UFO Case

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2016-12-12 14:21:39

On a lighter note, I just finished editing a short chat/interview I did with veteran researcher David Cayton.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRxyp4F0jvo.  Investigation by Robert Hulse and Report by David Cayton  http://ufocasebook.conforums.com/index.cgi?board=video&action=display&num=1035492108  http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/mbphotos.html  Partial Text of Eric Thomason’s witness testimony  UFO Sighting Report================Early in 1993 residents of Maslin Beach, South Australia were notified that Maslin Old Quarry would be rehabilitated as soon as the winter rains ceased. Excavation of sand and clay had commenced in 1928 and by 1990 when work ceased 82,000,000 tons of material had been removed.  I had lived opposite the quarry for eleven years in 1993 and frequently walked the dog through there. Some faces of the quarry walls were sheer and showed attractive coloured layers of sand and clay. These were cuts through 60,000,000 years of the Earth’s geological history and they would disappear for ever when the earth movers came in.  With the aim of recording these cliffs for posterity I decided to photograph the quarry from all angles. Also, to take a series of aerial photographs. So, in March 1993 I bought F100 film and with my son’s S50 Kodak camera took a series of photo’s of the quarry from the highest points round its rim and from the lowest level inside. There was still water at three places in the bottom of the quarry despite months of dry weather when I took the photographs.  I have never owned a camera so these efforts were firsts for me. Also about this time the Southern Times – Messenger* weekly newspaper ran a World Solar Challenge Photographic Competition sponsored by ABC-TV. There was a prize for the best photograph of a sunrise overland, entries to close Friday 7th May 1992 since I had the camera and film I decided to catch a few sunrises over the hills to the east in the direction of Willunga. The obvious position to take the photographs from was from the top of the cliff on the north face of the quarry.  About 200 metres north of this point is Ochre Point, a favourite launching place for hang glider enthusiasts. The cliff along there is 200 feet above sea level and offers an unobstructed view to the east, south and west over the Gulf of St. Vincent. So for several mornings I set my alarm clock for 5.45 a.m, arose and made my way up to Ochre Point. The result of these efforts was disappointing. Low cloud on the hills obscured the rising sun every time. Maslin Beach is noted for beautiful coloured sunsets over the sea to the west but the sunrise over the land to the east was disappointing.  Wednesday 10th March 1993 was one of the mornings when I arose at 5.45 a.m. collected a warm coat, gloves, stick, camera and my faithful dog from the back garden and set forth for Ochre Point. The stick was in case we encountered any snakes in the long grass in the quarry. Dawn was just lightening the eastern sky as we climbed the hill.  I watched as the light brightened beyond the far hills but there was the usual cloud, it was no good for a 6nap. The wind was cold, it is always windy up there, so I turned and walked north toward the hang glider launching section of the cliff.  Looking out to sea there was nothing in sight, the sea was only slightly ruffled by the wind. Then I saw a disturbance far out, a white swirl of foam caused by a grey object which looked like the conning tower of a nuclear submarine.  The submarine vehicle rose fully out of the sea leaving a white swirl of foaming water. It started moving towards the shore, rising higher above the sea. It had three legs projecting straight down below it. I remembered that I still had the camera in my left hand with the lanyard round my wrist. I raised the camera, sighted the vehicle in the viewfinder, and snapped one shot.The vehicle had rotated slowly and the three legs were retracting into the body. I suddenly realised that I was silhouetted against the sunrise in full view. I then went down to a ledge about fifteen feet below the cliff top. There I felt safer and less noticeable. The vehicle passed over slightly to the south of me and stopped over the middle of the quarry.  Then I saw another object coming from the north towards the large vehicle. I took another photograph but the sunrise was full in the viewfinder so I moved to the Ieft to try to get out of the glare, and took another snap. The small vehicle came beneath the large one, hovered a few seconds then moved up into a circular recess in the base of the large vehicle. There were lights around the recess inside and there were also three large luminous lights beneath. the large vehicle. I had taken a final photograph when the big vehicle rose straight up and vanished above me. I felt some wafer falling on and around me.  I crawled on all fours back up the slope to the cliff top and when I looked round there was no trace of the vehicle.

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