WITTS Challenging Times… Awesome Solutions?

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02 Jun 2013


Originally Written for "Pulse" Magazine – Reposted on 13 Dec 2016


I was asked to look at a website about Free Energy technologies called WITTS – (World Improvement Through The Spirit Ministries). On the website – www.witts.ws it boldly states “WITTS is an organization of World-Class Engineers/Scientists/Servants of God and Humanity, actively offering solutions to the energy crisis”. In this short article, I will endeavour to examine those claims to some extent. One of the first things you notice is that the site is stacked full of references to the Bible and god and Jesus. (I leave you to decide how relevant this is to the free energy issue and also to research into the origins of the current bible and the scriptures that have been excluded from it.)


The website seems to be rather light on information, but there are many suggestions to “donate” to their cause.  On a page accessed by clicking the “Donate” menu link, it is stated “Please pray about this and ask God what he would have you do to help. Then make the donation according to the amount God leads. God speaks to your heart.”  However, the “About” and  “Video” pages are worth a look.


The organisation is headed up by Sir Timothy Thrapp (WITTS spokesperson but it is not clear who gave Thrapp a knighthood.) and the 2007 interview by James Robey on the “About” page is worth listening to. Thrapp, born and raised in Alaska, is clearly very knowledgeable and a good speaker. The first 5 minutes of the interview include a discussion of god, faith and religion but there is some confusion with these and spirituality.


Thrapp mentions the very interesting story of Kentucky 19th century inventor Nathan Stubblefield – who had made various types of earth battery and other devices. According the Thrapp, Stubblefield was able to heat his home using free energy techniques. Also, at 34 mins in the interview, Thrapp discusses their replication of an energy-based healing device with amazing results, but it is implied that this was not taken forward because of some kind of “interference” with their work. Near the end of the Robey interview Thrapp states they have built some water fuel based vehicles – to power cars (one is shown the video page), but details are again not discussed.  Thrapp also mentions they have tried to market free-energy home heaters, but no further details are discussed – this seems to be a theme.


An interesting array of devices is shown on their “videos” page, but the videos are not professionally produced and all seem to be demonstrations of prototype or “home built” devices. No instructions on how to build them are shown, nor is it stated anywhere if kits or products are available to buy.  One interesting example is a “Self Running 40kW Fuel-less Generator. It is difficult to be sure it is really doing what it claims, as the device is not taken apart. Also, in common with a number of these videos, the generator is switched on and off but it is not left running to power the premises in which it resides after the video ends…


Thrapp states in the interview that his organisation has been working on things for 27 years and he has had up to 50 people working for him at one time, but they don’t offer any products on their website – they just ask for a consultancy donation/fee.


Overall, one is left with the feeling that they do have access to working devices, but they have either chosen not to develop them, or have been prevented from doing so, so they use the attraction of free energy devices to generate revenue for their organisation. It’s difficult to see how they have improved the world or how they will solve the energy crisis. Perhaps the dark forces at work are still too strong.

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