The Staged Revolution

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2016-12-20 16:30:39…  The above was posted in our Real 911 Truth Facebook group…  and I thought it was a good summary of what is going on:  The Staged Revolution  We are all waking up to the reality of our messed up society and thus people are now seeing the massive amount of corruption and scandals that have rocked our understanding of life, the establishments, governments and the world’s societies as a whole.  However, after much contemplation, I can clarify that there is another hidden conspiracy operation taking place right now that I was fooled by too.Call it a 2nd level to the main deception if you prefer, as people are literally being redirected into a different version of the same reality, all carried out by the hidden hand.  It’s a massive plot inside of another huge plot, and thus it gets a bit confusing from here.  It’s all done through various channels such as well known personalities for instance; David Icke, Russel Brand, and Alex Jones etc who turn the public against the government and authorities.  Anger against the establishments is easily created as the hidden hand has infiltrated all sectors and can, therefore, pull the strings needed to create the pretext for the revolution.  Computer games such as Call Of Duty and GTA which de-sensitizes the public’s minds towards murder and war. Not to mention the media who use sex to turn the consumer into whatever program they so choose. And TV shows that reinforces the deception that people are stupid and that a zombie Apocalypse sounds like a bit of fun.  All high profile movements are part of the ploy sponsored by any number of various groups. Groups such as Anonymous say all the right things, like everyone else does, but it’s done to lead you. All timed perfectly together so that a revolution does occur, while in the backdrop WW3 is already happening as per the plan.All that’s needed now is total anarchy in the streets of Britain and America.  The overriding aim is to create “order out of chaos”, in that way resetting society, but at the same time keeping the same level of technology, in effect creating a new Atlantis based global society etc. the exact plan will be based on the documented concepts already available in the public domain, I assume.  Hence, all these various fraction including, but not limited to; anonymous, the matrix movie and others, certain whistle blowers and various personalities, basically, any truther or movement that’s still alive and gets “high traffic” air time, from whatever source, are, I would strongly suggest, either; state-sponsored, feds or organised by a secret society or group etc.  It’s a very confusing predicament but, in a nutshell, the real movement is underground and stirring from within the individual who will then ultimately rise up to join a collective of others who are awakened and enlightened to the real world, who together and individually will take real steps to change society for the better.  While others who think they are awake are actually playing into the main deception as planned well in advance by our enemies.  If you’re confused unfortunately that too was their plan from the beginning.      

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