911 Fact and Fiction – Graphic by Evan Denton

If you like a thrilling conspiracy story full of mystery and suspense, then read a Dan Brown novel.

For drier, less enthralling conspiracy fiction (masquerading as non-fiction) read the official government reports on 9/11.

But for the most satisfying down to earth read, based in reality, containing actual facts and sound scientific analysis, look no further than "Where Did The Towers Go" by Dr Judy Wood. It’s not a work of fiction, yet it’s out of this world. It’s not Sherlock Holmes, yet the evidence is elementary. It contains many glossy pictures, but it does not gloss over detail. It deals with a conspiracy, but it’s not conspiracy theory. It’s worth its weight in gold, yet it’s a bargain at only $39.95 (plus postage and handling). It’s not the Bible, yet it will be one of the most important books you will ever read.

And for the juicy part of this monstrous and outrageous conspiracy, read the complimentary book "9/11 Finding the Truth" by Andrew Johnson, documenting the cover-up attempts of Dr Wood’s research.

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Where Did The Towers Go?



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