Re: Free Energy – here we go again folks

From: garyv_va

Date: 2017-01-06 18:00:22

Andrew, I would be interested in your view of Randell Mills. He seems for 20+ years to be perpetually “close” to achieving a working commercial device. And just the fact that he’s being covered by CNN indicates he’s part of an op. However, he seems to have a lot of engineers and investors working with him. It seems unlikely that all of these are dupes. This complimentary report appeared following a demo in October:”In the audience of about 80 were reps from companies interested in partnering with BLP to manufacture and market the device. BLP is clearly in the marketing stage and not just R&D which is nearly completed. In sum, Mills seems to be making good progress. After seeing who was in the audience, etc etc. I have trouble believing that Mills and his verifiers, who were there and talked about their findings, are not telling the truth. it seems clear to me that we will have to rewrite the Quantum Mechanics text books someday — about the time Mills gets his Nobel for the the greatest advance in Physics since relativity.”Report from Brilliant Light Power Industry Day Event (Tom Whipple) Update: Video and Slideshows Now Posted Report from Brilliant Light Power Industry Day Event (… UPDATE (Oct 29, 2016) A video of the Brilliant Light Power SunCell reactor in action has been posted, along with slideshows and other documents from t… View on Preview by Yahoo

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