FW: Cancer and GcMaf: statement from David Noakes

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2017-02-24 07:53:36

This is, essentially, the modern Cancer Cover Up in a nutshell. I am not quite sure how David Noakes has remained so composed.  A complicity press, police and millions of pounds spent on suppression of the truth alone, notwithstanding the billions spent of toxic drugs….    ·         Don’t buy newspapers.·         Don’t watch TV·         Don’t give to Cancer Charities·         Tell everyone who has an interest about this account and research it yourself.·         Ask your Doctor why GcMaf is not available to you as a treatment (if you need it).·         Expose the methods by which suppression is done  ==========From Matt in Guernsey  From: Sent: 23 February 2017 22:16To: Subject: GcMaf: statement from David Noakes    Dear all,  In italics below is  David Noakes’ response to today’s main story in the Guernsey Press. http://guernseypress.com/news/2017/02/23/law-enforcement-raid-offices-of-gcmaf-firm/    There are also other things going on which could have major ramifications which are not mentioned here by David or indeed in the GP article. Hopefully these will release us from the compulsory “services” of the big pharma funded MHRA, which regulates all health, not just pharmaceuticals.   Also, tonight on BBC 2 this documantary is being repeated. It’s about an MHRA approved drugs trial. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08g8np3/the-drug-trial-emergency-at-the-hospital    Thanks for your time  Matt  May I please make a few additions to your front page headline “Law Enforcement raid GcMAF firm” of the 23rd February?Ed Freestone, Chief Pharmacist, told the courts in his evidence for the first raid, that we are likely to be violent. He’s known us for 6 years, and he well knows we are far more civilised than he is. The Law Officers need to decide if his statement is perjury, because his dishonesty got 20 officers out and wasted their time. The legal profession estimates the Law Officers have now wasted over £1 million on his campaign against us as a result. Dishonesty by States officials can be very expensive.On this second raid, Tuesday 21st, 12 officers arrived to traumatise the two women present. Brave and expensive men, these Guernsey police officers.They arrested one of the women, and one of our men at home. They released not one of them, as you report, but both at 5pm the same day.It now appears the two years they have spent attacking us on Medicines Law charges have failed, as we said they would. If they had telephoned us two years ago, we would have invited them in, and told them we had never had a laboratory or distribution from Guernsey. That would have saved them £1 million right there.It was pretty obvious to everyone except Ed Freestone, because every vial seized was coming in to the Island; none were leaving. We supplied 60,000 vials to 80 nations; blatantly obviously that could never have been done from Guernsey.So now, as we have committed no crimes here, Guernsey, pushed on by the English MHRA, has to start agin, by saying we did so overseas. They’re using the last refuge of a government scoundrel, the Proceeds Of Crime Act. With that illegal and dishonest Act, the government can state the receipts from the sale of a Mars bar, in any nation, not just Guernsey, is proceeds of a crime.Guernsey could have simply recognised the incontrovertible truth, that 300 scientists from 8 nations and thousands of our patients state that GcMAF is the best way to treat cancer, and 50 other diseases inexpensively, without side effects.But no, their new case is now, that with the hundreds of people we saved from cancer, and thousands from other diseases, we committed a crime overseas.None of this will ever go to court, because the MHRA (see www.mhracorrupt.st) and their predecessors have concealed GcMAF from the public for 26 years. And instead of protecting the public from the drugs and vaccines of the big pharmaceutical corporations, they have big pharma directors on the MHRA board, and protect big pharma’s profits at the expensive of British lives. It will be far too embarrassing for them to have that exposed in court.We still have our original aim of making the world cancer free; but as this cannot be done with the MHRA killing cancer patients with the poison of chemotherapy at £40,000 a round, we now have a second aim: the total destruction of the MHRA. And we expect to achieve it this year.The Press, yet again, states our products have not tested for quality or safety. For six years, our products have always had nine of such tests on our batches, more than pharmaceutical drugs, and been independently tested by Wickham Laboratories of Portsmouth. Our production has always been second to none, and we have all the test results. No one has every died of GcMAF, a human protein and a human right with no side effects. Whereas half of chemo patients die from the chemo poison, not the cancer; 9 million worldwide chemo deaths since the year 2000.You finished your article stating “David Noakes could not be contacted yesterday.” That day I had no missed calls from you; every one else got through; neither did you send me an email. I always comment when you contact me.                    http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08g8np3/the-drug-trial-emergency-at-the-hospitalThe Drug Trial: Emergency at the Hospitalwww.bbc.co.ukThe story of six healthy men who took part in a drug trial that went terribly wrong.  

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