Trevor James Constable, Rainmaking, UFOs and the Cosmic Pulse of Lif

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2017-04-20 09:15:31

In conversation with Jenny Sarri last night she mentioned Trevor James Constable – whose name I had heard, but had little knowledge other than that. In this video, he discuss his work on the UFO issue and more amazingly, a project to create rainfall in Honolulu and Malaysia in the mid-late 1990’s  Large portions of the David Sereda video are shown and there is a good Q & A at the end.  He also discusses the Space Shuttle STS-75 Tether incident and what he thinks all those UFOs seen then were. It’s an interesting video!  Constable’s work “follows on” from the work in Cloudbusting done by Wilhelm Reich and James De Meo and he also wrote a book:    

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