Nazi strangeness

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2017-05-24 00:45:25

I was just sent this message regarding the “Hitler” video I posted earlier today. It’s well-observed (Red Ice Radio being a case in point of what was meant).I read a reply to your latest Cognoscence post. Hope this is of interest…  Here recently I was asked my opinion about a documentary, which was released in 2013 by a guy with name Dennis Wise, supposedly an independent and fairly unknown filmmaker. The documentary claims to clean up with the lies told by history books about Hitler and the 3rd Reich. It has 27 parts, which can be watched for free online; I will post the link to the website for people who are interested. The first thing I noticed when I started watching, was the dramatic use of music, which pushed my “watch out propaganda” button right away. Besides educating me about a few snippets and facts, which where unknown to me and which I could indeed verify, the movie is a very obvious piece of Hitler propaganda. The title “Adolf Hitler, the greatest story never told”, of course alludes to Jesus Christ. Throughout the documentary we are being explained to, that Hitler was actually the good guy and we had it all wrong. He should actually be on a mexican candle. I don’t debate, that the history we are being taught is a mix of truth, half truths and lies but so is the movie. This is actually not my point here. The thing that really struck me curious was, when I noticed two clips of the Steven Spielberg movies “Saving Private Ryan” and “Schindlers List” as being part of the documentary. It is impossible to use such clips without paying a lot of money and having cooperation and authorization from high up. One has to be connected to the fat cats in Hollywood to use clips from those movies. Since Steven Spielberg is known for his own slant on that part of History, mainly the “Bad German, good Jew” myth, I wonder how he would support this documentary by giving clips of his films to Wise. I researched Dennis Wise but really couldn’t find much about him. He’s British but the movie is a US production. I found an interview with Wise on Red Ice Radio, which is known for interviews with white supremacist subjects and the likes. In the interview Dennis Wise impressed me neither as intelligent nor as educated. My intuition was, that he is just the poster boy but the real makers keep in the background. You can listen to the interview here is the website where you can watch the moviethegreateststor…Another puzzling thing is, that I can find hardly any negative or critical reviews about this movie. It seems the internet has gotten rid of them all, since there must be plenty of people who see this for what it is, but I can’t find many of them. I find that very creepy.General observations:Over the last 15 years I have watched many radio shows, websites and other outlets, who used to discuss topics like 9/11 truth, the monetary system, corruption and crime in politics, morph into neo fascist or white supremacist forums. Concepts like truth and freedom are being misused, to herd people who are pissed of and who rightfully doubt the current political system, into the wrong direction. This stuff is rampant. There is a massive psychological warfare program going on online. It is about breaking down peoples minds. The constant barrage of endless new and bizarre versions of “truth”, keeps people in a perpetual state of cognitive dissonance, until the compass for reality is lost. It takes a lot of discernment and the skill to navigate this ongoing circus. I think it is of utmost importance to seek for truth and jet is is equally important to admit that sometimes we will never know, that all we know is we have been lied to. I want to put this topic out for discussion and hope to get some input from you people. What are your observations and can you find out more about this? I just put this out here and come back to it later.  

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