FW: Manchester attack – UK Column questions begin

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2017-05-24 12:11:27

I haven’t studied the latest so-called suicide bombing in the UK.  Matt reported that the Guernsey press printed the story, having solved the crime, even though their printing deadline was 7pm.  I am wary of some of the YouTube and other internet postings (particularly where they are anonymous) though, because it is actually easier to put out false information on YouTube than it is to put out false information on mainstream – i.e. how many channels have the “bad guys” set up to quickly muddy the waters in relation to any serious investigation that questions the mainstream knee-jerk trash?  From: Matt Waterman [mailto:mattwaterman4@hotmai…] Sent: 24 May 2017 09:53To: Matt Waterman Subject: Manchester attack – UK Column questions begin  Dear all,  For those who haven’t caught up with it, here is yesterday’s UK Column News bulletin, containing their early reaction to the events in Manchester,www.ukcolumn.org/ukc… if you don’t have time to watch it the bullet points are: It’s not only the Guernsey Press and other media which solved the crime either before it happened or within hours, but according to the UKC according to the BBC according to the Police Chief, the attack was first “the work of one man” and then “the work of one attacker in collusion with an organisation”. Shouldn’t the reaction have been “We can confirm there has been a serious incident and that an investigation has begun”. If that were GcMaf or Providence or the Tubby Report, that’s all we’d get for yearsThe incident has occurred when the country is to use football parlance, “managerless”. Parliament was dissolved a couple of weeks back. Who are the powerful few running the country without oversight from ParliamentConsiderable political capital is being made out of the incident – and suspiciously early perhaps. They’re not giving into terrorists, yet they have suspended the democratic process (election campaign) because there has been a terror attack.Usually when there is a terror attack there are photos of bodies and carnage from inside the building. As at yesterday lunchtime there had been none of that, yet the building is surely bristling with CCTV. (9/11 Pentagon all over again?) Not sure what the papers are showing in terms of photos from inside the building today.Russia Today reported on 10th May that UK security and police had run a drill  -they had footage of it apparently showing – reaction following a similar event in a Manchester shopping MallThe announcer evacuating the building appeared to have an American accentOther points of note:There is increasing unrest amongst the military leadership who are unhappy with the government. If we are “Brexiting” then why the continued decommissioning of the national military and alignment with the EU military.The Blairs, as they did in Kazakhstan a couple of years ago, have done separate deals in Albania. Tny is adviser to the Government and Cherie is adviser to the judiciary. Albania is now being “fracked to death”Next UK Column News bulletin at 1pm today.Whilst writing I had a message on my answerphone yesterday from a friend saying he expected more of this sort of thing to happen. That’s another effect of “regular attacks” of course, it encourages all to forget about any thorough investigations into anomalies  of the previous ones.And blaming suicide bombers I am sure subliminally encourages the public at large to think “the perpetrator is dead, is there really so much to be gained from a lengthy diligent and expensive investigation?”  thanks for your time  Matt    From: Matt Waterman Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 12:54 PMTo: Matt WatermanSubject: Media reaction: Manchester attack case solved by Guernsey Press?  Dear all,The UK column airs at 1pm Monday to Friday so we’ll see what they have to say about the Manchester attack.www.ukcolumn.org/liv… far as I am aware, at least until recently, the deadline for stories at the Guernsey Press was 7pm.Yet today they have managed to devote a full page to a story about a terror attack in a foreign country called England (and I know its foreign; I recently saw an email from its Government which described Guernsey asa self-governing Dependency of the Crown, with its own legislative assembly, administrative, fiscal and legal system and its own courts of law”) Whilst the GP may somehow be able to explain away the presence of the story in today’s paper, what may be somewhat harder for them is to explain how they have managed to not only get the story into the paper, but solve the crime too. Definitive statement: “A suicide bomber has killed 22 people….”See the second of these two paragraphs from my last Mid Monthly Summary: “So often we hear through the media, (don’t get me started on global media ownership but one of the largest is NBC which is owned by General Electric, who also, as one of the largest US defense contractors profit from the threat of war to the tune of nearly $12bn per year) after a “terrorist attack” that the suspect was under surveillance before the attack. How often is this evidenced? Is this to get us to accept the need for arresting people before they offend? (see UK section 1 and USA section 1) The same claim was made in the wake of the German truck attack and, also following a standard script, three days later up popped another nation, in this case Australia, declaring that it had foiled a terror plot. Neatly timed to coincide with this pro nanny state surveillance script, the UK had Amber Rudd welcoming anti-stalking legislation which allows individuals to be prosecuted before committing an offence. (Oh and once again the alleged attacker in Germany left his ID in the van. How many of these cases ever get to trial? Is there any evidence? Then there is all the hype about how he got across Europe, making the grounds of a case for even more “show us your papers” surveillance, added to all the current checks and surveillance measures which are there already. Or for the microchipping agenda (another reason perhaps why we are bombarded with stories about Madeleine McCann)And what about supposed suicide bombings? Who says these attackers are suicide bombers? Is there ever an official investigation and court case? It seems to me that it must be reasonably easy for the British, US, Russian, Israeli and other Governments to have their agents carry out attacks, have the media say they are suicide bombings, and then no one ever stops to check the story in any great detail. Often the media these days doesn’t even bother to say “so and so believes it was the work of suicide bomber.” They simply state it as a fact.”So no need for a court case or a proper investigation then? Could be handy for some.Given that Theresa May, Amber Rudd and Cressida Dick etc are clamouring for more snooping powers and there’s an election coming up, the timing of this attack is spectacularly ill timed for those who don’t want to be snooped against. A co-ordinated group would be intelligent enough to realise that. So my thinking is that the latest attack was either organised by a co-ordinated group which wants to justify more surveillance and stop and search powers and pre-crime arrests etc, or it’s a random attack. But if it’s a lone wolf, what did said wolf expect to gain that was worth killing themselves for?As I’ve said before to those who maintain that these attacks are part of a campaign for a global Islamic state, what would happen if all the nations said to the supposed Islamic radicals: “Ok chaps, come in, take a seat, have a cup of tea, you run the country. You come up with policies on health, transport, sport etc”. Napoleon tried it, Hitler tried it, Stalin tried it and other besides tried it: if they did not have sufficient resources to maintain an empire for any sustainable period, how will the extreme Islamic radicals? They don’t even have an army.If we really want to get to whose behind the attacks, then we need to know who is involved in supplying the munitions and why existing preventative measures failed. As I always say, if I wanted to commit a terror attack, I wouldn’t know where to get any semtex or how to find out where to get some without attracting attention. Whilst they’ll be a lot of hype about whodunit and why, I wouldn’t mind betting there will be little genuine focus in the wake of Manchester, especially in the media, on who supplied the weapons.(Another point – I haven’t travelled for many years but the last few times I did, back in the 90s, you couldn’t even get a bottle of water into events like this.)Something else to look out for: If post attack events unfold as they do around 75% of the time, then within 2-3 days we’ll get another nation announcing how they have foiled a terror plot [thanks to their investigative powers and resources]  thanks for your time  Matthttps://mattvocallocal.wordpress.com/2015/12/10/missiles-of-the-misguided-crisis-what-isis/    

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