FW: LONDON THIS FRIDAY & STEM CELL UPDATE. Testing and consultations

From: J D

Date: 2017-08-08 08:59:49

FYI ________________________________________ From: CLIVE DE CARLE [clivedecarle@gmail.c…] Sent: 07 August 2017 16:28 To: john_d_devlin@hotmai… Subject: LONDON THIS FRIDAY & STEM CELL UPDATE. Testing and consultations in Paddington LONDON THIS FRIDAY 11TH AUGUST 3 testing and consultation slots still available in Paddington, from midday to 7pm Book Now clive@clivedecarle.c… 01672 564804 STEM CELLS UPDATE Essentially stem cells can now fix almost everything, however…….. As you know my passion is health but i am lazy enough to look for the quick fixes. As a type 1 diabetic of 30 years, my get out of jail free card I felt would be stem cells, at least when they would be proven safe and effective. The technology is indeed now proven, safe and available HOWEVER it is not that simple. Here is a video that explains everything except the issue. www.youtube.com/watc… Simply put if you are young and fit you can utilise your own stem cells which seems sensible to me. However someone over 40 has increasingly less viable stem cells so with age the chances of successful outcomes decrease. The answer the video says is to use the universal donor cells in the placenta. The issue is that Dr’s make an mistake. They believe that they have the right to clamp the umbilical cord and steal that baby’s stem cells, which had the cord not have been clamped would have benefitted that baby’s health for the rest of it’s life. There is no medical reason why a cord should ever be clamped. Note that no animals do this. The placenta’s contents are naturally required by the baby and can take ours to transfer. Hospitals (not the mother or the baby) benefit by selling the cord and placenta by length and weight, for a lot of money. They only use C section babies to avoid contamination from a vaginal birth. The rate of C sections has risen from 3% or so to over 90% in some countries. The issue is about the unwitting donor, robbed of part of their future health repair mechanism. Surgeons are told to cut as much cord as possible and as quickly as possible as they are paid by the gram. [http://mailget.s3.amazonaws.com/upload_files/1502122997-2041814987-light_2.jpg%5d clive de carle carolines cottage, rudge lane, oare, wilts sn84jh

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