Low Incidence of RH – (Neg) Blood Amongst World’s Human Population..

From: free.vegan_17

Date: 2017-08-29 18:56:33

Hi everyoneHave you ever wondered about your blood type and the significance of the RH (Rhesus) factor?  By blood type I mean for example, if you’re O Pos, O Neg or B Pos etc.   I have often wondered why my blood group is RH Neg…and no one else in my family is (apparently) .  RH neg blood type incidence in the UK is just 16% *, and in the Basque region of SW France and NW Spain it is known to be as high as 50%. **For your interest have a listen to the following podcast:   https://youtu.be/eenZZL_bf6oI am unsure whether the difference between RH pos or neg is of any significance, but if it isn’t why is it so important to have a centre for Basque studies at Reno and for the author of the RH-Negative wesbite (above) to repeatedly claim that the content is based only on theory and that the Basque culture history is but a ‘myth’? If any of you find some viable facts giving weight to the claims made in the video podcast please share with the group…it would be interesting to develop this subject further. ThanksHilarySources: *  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1028274/Are-A-B-O–Duffy-Why-know-blood-type.html** http://www.rhnegativeregistry.com/the-basque-history-of-the-world-rh-negative-origin.html  

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