ADJ interviewed by Geoff Brady on WBAI, New York

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2017-09-06 00:40:37

Here’s the 2nd part of an interview that Geoff Brady did with me last week from a studio in New York and it was broadcast on WBAI  I will post the first part, which was a discussion with Jerry Leaphart when a link to that when it becomes available.  I visited the US to see the Solar Eclipse and I then travelled to New York and I visited the WTC site. The pictures I took should give you an idea of how the site is “managed” now. Have a look at the signs.  It’s pretty revolting if you ask me.  Just after the eclipse, I did record an interview with Dr Wood (in South Carolina), but all of the recording has not come out properly and I unfortunately left my 2nd camera in a rental car so am trying to get that back! I will post whatever I can of the interview, when I get around to editing it.        

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