Steven Greer received Protection from the CIA

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2017-09-13 12:41:47

Attachments :I thought I had already sent this out, but it appears I have not.  Someone sent me this:  “In the 90’s, I had 3 people on my team assassinated including a… very close friend. [What has shifted now…] There were people in the agency who really wanted us to succeed – and I was gonna shut down this whole project when this happened… and they said “NO! You have to keep going… we need someone on the outside this has to be known… our planet that’s going off the rails here… I’m an emergency doctor working in an ER, taking care of shootings and all that stuff and I said “You know what? This is just getting to be too ridiculous..” and they said, “Do you want executive protection?” and I said “Whatdya mean?” and they said… “Do you wanna be have a [assisted?] protection – you and your team?” This was after the CIA Director Bill Colby –  who was going to help us bring out one of these free energy devices and bring it out to the world – was found floating down the Potomac river – assassinated. And I said “Well, I really don’t like to play that game… it’s a very dangerous game – it’s called wet works…… But if they’re targeting my people, I said ‘I believe in self defence – make it happen.’ So, I won’t say who this person is…  still a very senior person – science director at the CIA – offered this protection and some other folks and I said ‘yeah let’s do it.’ So, since then, we’ve had no problems.  Note: In his previous “Sirius” Film, he talked about having a “dead man’s trigger” document.      Notice his emphasis “it’s not bullshit”.    Did Edgar Mitchell have the same arrangement with the CIA?      

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