Re: Climate Change and Global Warming. Exposed – My New Book

From: J D

Date: 2017-09-20 16:52:59

Thanks Andrew I’ve read the E-book and it brings together many subjects I’ve looked at over the years in a very approachable way to anyone new to this subject and gives the sceptic and seriously researcher all the sources to start their deep dive. My take is essentially what you’ve demonstrated i.e. Dr Wood has proven we have a new energy that was used in a destructive way on 911 with probably, if not certain weather control aspects as was demonstrated with the conspicuous presence of hurricane Erin. This much is without dispute. ACW is just another tool to allow global control both financially and emotionally. Those that you’ve highlighted who attempt to be independent in their research are either ‘turned’ or silenced. HAARP, we just don’t know what its being used for but I also agree its not going to be for our benefit. Same for contrails as I don’t prescribe to their being a harmful chemical element (until evidence is presented). So who has the limitless funds and global control to instigate all these nefarious strands of human misery and manipulation and to what end? Hmmmmmmm, I think we all know but dare not speak their name? I’ve recommended your work and this specific book now, to all those I come in contact with as a source of fact based evidence and integrity. Regards John From: Cognoscence@yahoogro… on behalf of ‘Andrew Johnson’ ad.johnson@ntlworld…. [Cognoscence] Sent: 17 September 2017 22:18 To: Andrew Johnson Subject: [Cognoscence] Climate Change and Global Warming. Exposed – My New Book     With the help of 3 proof readers, Chris Christopher Goj, Mohan Rao and Carl James, I have now posted “Climate Change and Global Warming… Exposed” on Lulu. The cover was kindly designed by Neil Geddes Ward. Here is a link to get a paperback version…     and I have also made a free PDF available.   www.checktheevidence…   I will be making the same version available on Amazon and via Ingram Spark. Soon, I hope to post an ebook version, once I have re-formatted the text.        

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