Lulu Censors Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Books

From: jon_devlin

Date: 2017-09-21 08:52:56

Suggest people go have a look at Andrew Carrington Hitchcock website andrewcarringtonhitc… and educate themselves on who is behind all the misery spoken of here. He read both books so you can listen still at his website but I suspect he will be taken down in the near future. They have banned his books on Amazon and now Lulu after 10 years have stopped supplying it and he’s not alone. If you are white and have any race awareness then you are a clear target to these Jews. They will start to hit ISP next and that means no website providers. People naively think that they can’t control the net well as someone that works in the IT industry at a technical infrastructure level dream on. You might have multiple servers but they ALL go via an ISP who are Jew owned and or controlled. Suggest you download everything

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