Re: Lulu Censors Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Books

From: J D

Date: 2017-09-21 13:27:04

If there are ‘any’ people on this forum interested in researched truth about the Jew orchestrated Genocide of the White race. I’d like to point you at both The Kalergi plan and my good friend Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and his seminal article ‘Jewish Genocide of the White race case closed’ Otherwise, I’ll quote from a book I’ve just read  “…That’s fine by me – its your loss, not mine. I know things that you don’t. Googbye …” Matthew 10:14 ….. shake the dust of your feet…….. Sent from Outlook From: Cognoscence@yahoogro… on behalf of free.vegan_17 Sent: 21 September 2017 11:29 To: Cognoscence@yahoogro… Subject: [Cognoscence] Re: Lulu Censors Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Books     J Devlin Suggest you quit calling-out Jews being responsible for this and that and take some of your own advice and educate yourself.  Learn about how the Jews have been the biggest scapegoat of any race on this planet and see the many reasons for it.  I am not even going to recommend a website here because you can search the info for yourself/ves.  I remember from your previous posts that you are quite the Nazi sympathiser.  Do you think that the Nazi regime was set-up just out of a passion for Germanism and sovereignty! Lol.  Why is there so much Holocaust denial on the internet and how are they able to get away with it!  Why is Deanna Spingola very good friends with Dennis Wise whom she has overly promoted [understatement] and why is IMDb promoting the Greatest Story Never Told?… . Nazi sympathisers are the same ones that cling to the ‘Zionist’ theory in order to blame them…it’s just another label to get people chasing their tails…but implies Jews are responsible for the world’s ills.   Where did the billions of Deutsch Marks come from to set Hitler up in the first place? Try the Reich Concordat and the major signatories who were present…what did deal did they do with Hitler?  Was it just a coincidence that Hitler became Chancellor in 1933 (33 = 3×11 …that number 11 again) and Roosevelt became President in 1933.  Hitler apparently died on April 30 at 15:30hrs = 333. (Also Spring pagan holidays).  Suggest you find out who Andrew Carrington Hitchcock is working for.     Ps:  I have lived in Germany for five years and my Grandmother (Meine ‘Oma) was German so I am not anti-German.   Hilary

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