FW: Rethinking: Peru

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2017-09-26 01:35:35

I received this from a reader… excellent points!  I was having a look at your news index and watched a video by Alex Mott (Drummer, Engineer, Traveller) titled Rethinking: Peru. He tries to explain the megalithic stone building in ancient Cusco and  Ollantaytambo in Peru.I find it incredible that he entertained the thought of softening the stones with a chemical extracted from a plant.First a chemical is made of molecules with active electron shells (+ve or -ve charge – Valences). A stone is made up of crystals with closed neutral ends and faces (), that is why it is a crystal. Most crystals dissolve using solvents. When the solvent is evaporated the original structure  of the crystal is lost and either it forms larger crystals or tiny ones depending on the speed of evaporation. In the case of quartz (most hard stone are made of quartz crystals and other elements) can be dissolved and etched by hydrofluoric acid but there is nothing that can SOFTEN quartz or metallic crystals.  The acid will destroy the integrity of the stone. Hydrofluoric acid is not found in any organic forms (e.g vegetation). Using my criteria B (B.    If they cannot do it today then they couldn’t have done it in the past). The technique would be used today since it makes masonry work much easier. Such a method would have been  passed from generation to generation. At least it would have been used by the Incas and Aztecs (their masonry work does not even come close to that of the megalithic structures of the previous civilisation/s) Using criteria D, I cannot think of any way that can soften a stone using chemicals. I do not know how it was done. I would have been a billionaire by now if I did.  My educated guess is electromagnetic resonance. The military have invested a lot on this technology. It is being used today to create new materials and medicine. It was probably used to pulverise the GRANITE in the concrete in SPLIT SECONDS (as you know I have worked in Civil Engineering in materials and foundations of large structures including concrete) of the 6 towers of the world trade centre in New York. I do not think they are close enough in the understanding of the science. Maybe they know a bit more than Hutchison (see www.thehutchisoneffe… )  Magnetic resonance is how the elements of the periodic table are created in the Cosmos. Sir Fred Hoyle did a lot of work on nucleosythesis of the production of the elements in the suns. Four of his students got Nobel prizes for the development of his theories but he did not for reasons that are still being talked about today. Maybe they will give him a Nobel Prize posthumously! Hah!I think that is what is going in the suns and generally in space. The elements are created by electromagnetic resonance which is endothermic (see also Hydrogen cold Fusion) (that is the beauty of it and not by exothermic fusion (a big mistake by science that created the atomic bomb and nuclear power stations). That is also why the photosphere and the corona of the Sun  is hotter than at its surface a problem that is not being explained satisfactorily till today. The main obstacle is the elementary particle or atomic model they have plus the STR (Special Theory of Relativity) and GTR (General Theory of Relativity) although the last two theories do not play much of a role in electromagnetic resonance but had influenced the Atomic Theory Model.I think the Sun is quite cool inside and the reason is because there is no corpuscular material inside like electromagnetic elements with mass e.g. electrons and protons, which brings me to GRAVITY a whole subject by itself which I am not going in detail here, suffice to say that Gravity is not the quality of, or the nature of matter but the other way round (that is where Newton got it wrong including the nature of FORCE as related to gravity – GRAVITY IS NOT A FORCE FIELD) Gravity is the cause of matter and the electromagnetic fields. The electromagnetic field and electric “charge” (There is no electric CHARGE) we experience is due to the spinning of magnetic monopoles and their collapse at infinite speeds – Hence the quantum mechanics effect of QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT. A lot is being in this field see Bose–Einstein condensates and Magnetic solitons and en.wikipedia.org/wik… leave it here 

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