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13 Oct 2017


On 11 Oct 2017, Tom DeLonge former member of Rock Group “Blink 182” and author of a book called Sekret Machines hosted a live streamed presentation “To The Stars Academy” (referred to as TTSA below)  from a large room or hall (which either had no audience, or a very quiet one). As someone else observed, there did not seem to be any news media present and there was no Question and Answer session.



This was supposedly going to be a big announcement for the UFO/ET Disclosure movement. I watched it twice and on the second viewing transcribed parts of what was said. This partial transcript (with 1 or 2 brief observations) forms the first part of this article. In the second and last part, I will offer my thoughts and observations on what I heard and saw. There is another (auto) transcript here (but this was not used for the text below).


Introductory Video


The presentation starts with a sort of “trailer” video that Tom DeLonge (TDL) made in 2015 and he gives a summary of his previous exploration of “a topic that had already over 70 years of research, opinion and quite frankly effective disinformation.” In 2015, he met with someone in the DoD who worked in Special Access Programmes in an area called “Watertown” – also known as area 51. He reported that following this, he had a number of clandestine meetings at different places in the USA. From these meetings etc, he learned


  1. Certain things should never have been secret
  2. There were secrets that were justifiable at the time but should now be disclosed
  3. There are things which are so unimaginable that certain interests believe that they should never ever be made public.


He then says “after this, you might even agree.” TDL had appeared on things like the US Talk Show “Coast to Coast” several times discussing his “progress.” I don’t know if TDL has given any examples from the first 2 categories and explained why they were kept secret.


DeLonge’s Lengthy Introduction


DeLonge  then goes into the main presentation and gives a little personal background and reported that after he had been paid for record deal, he bought himself a personal computer so that he could “research the possibility of intelligent life in the Universe.” He said he then catalogued and highlighted small pieces of data. He said “his passion helped me envision a more interesting existence for us all.” He then explains how he used his “notoriety” as a musician/artist as a “door-opener.”  He explains he started a company called “To The Stars” which was a “creative machine” to help him discover, comprehend and communicate large themes about the human race.


He started a company that could create science fiction stories[i] that would “inspire entertain and galvanise thinking.” He said that we would be surprised to learn how difficult it is for major film studios to “create progressive content that is relevant, modern and just plain cool.” He said that he had met with all of them and their “hands are tied in many ways.” He said he believes “To The Stars” are filling a void in the content creation space. He characterises his efforts as a “science fiction Disney for adults”.  He wants to write a historical fictional account of the UFO phenomenon and “our dealings with it.”


He said that while his Rock band was “unravelling in the press,” he was travelling to meet people from NASA, DOD and other agencies and he kept this process secret from his fellow band members. Then, he said stories about his meetings with “insiders” came out in the music and other press (e.g. an article in the Wall Street Journal – WSJ). He said he started to tell “the story of the millennia in his book Sekret Machines” and in one particular meeting, he “was put in his place” because of the enormity of the UFO subject. The book he had written apparently caused telephone “calls to be made” and the person he met said to him “you know things you shouldn’t know and I don’t even know who the hell you are.” He says he was humbled by, and respectful to, the people he met and that he was an advocate of “men and women in uniform” (I am guessing he meant he was respectful of the people working for the military, police and emergency services). He mentioned his brother had a career in the Special Forces.


He said that following the WSJ article, he was contacted by other people (insiders, we might assume) and “a strategy was developed.” He said that we must first understand that “the DoD has a culture of secrecy” – not out disdain or distrust for its citizens, but because it’s appropriate to “protect the lives of its people, technologies and methods.[ii]” He then said “it’s not in their job description to help you and me understand the universe, past events or why certain actions were taken on the UFO phenomenon 70+ years ago – they were too busy actually dealing with it.[iii]” He then says he has worked for 2 years to construct a “missing mechanism” – one that can take the biggest, most controversial secret on earth and surround it[iv] with three ground-breaking strategies that will innovate, educate and “wildly entertain.” This is how he characterises his “To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science” He said, truthfully, he wanted to define a future and not be victim to one.


He then mentions the difficulty of approaching a subject which could potentially change the world – considering it contains earth-changing technology, the need to understand a coming tidal wave of information and “the story of the millennia.” He said he wants to build a funding machine to “continuously attack those 3 things” and lists the categories of Science, Aerospace and Entertainment. He says “we have a plan to bring the unimaginable, the stuff of dreams to the world.”


TTSA aims to “communicate historic events and forward thinking ideas through motion picture and that includes ongoing scientific discovery and building an exotic craft that includes an energy source that can revolutionise the world.”


He then talks about crossing an invisible boundary that “forces us to make the same mistakes over and over again” (he looks slightly less comfortable when he says this).


He then mentions members of his team – Jim Semivan – a career spy and former Senior Intelligence Service member in the CIA’s directorate of operations. Servian is a strategist with “the ability to help the ‘To the Stars’ Academy navigate all the many sensitivities involved either with government or with others who may eventually want what we have.”


DeLonge then introduces Dr Hal Puthoff as “a theoretical physicist and a program director for numerous CIA and DoD classified programmes. Dr Puthoff is the creator of the CIA’s own revolutionary Psychic Spy programme still used to this day[v] and his breakthrough science dealing with the engineering of space time is crucial to potentially understanding the technology observed.”


He then reports that Steve Justice will lead the aerospace division, now that he has retired as a Director of Advanced Systems at Lockheed Martin Skunkworks. TDL  states that “to this day, Skunkworks is the Top Tier Aerospace Organisation for the development of advanced aircraft that meet our urgent national security needs[vi].” He then says that Steve Justice will “explain to us how this technology can revolutionise the world.”


DeLonge then introduces Luis Elizondo, who is also reported to have “just retired” as Director for the National Programme of Special Management Staff (but his agency is not stated, though I guess it was either CIA or NSA) and TDL says he will be creating/building partnerships with some very sensitive places to help protect some of the Technology that To The Stars will be building.  He essentially says Luis Elizondo will “Protect us and protect technology to achieve the extraordinary…”


Chris Mellon is then introduced as the chairman of the To The Stars National Security Policy and Scientific Advisory Board – he has a long career at the DoD as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for Intelligence and minority staff director of the senate intelligence committee. He says that Chris Mellon was involved in reviewing many of the US’s most “sensitive activities” over the course of his career.


Chris Mellon


He says  “I will start by providing a rationale for combining science and entertainment in a single company.” He discusses how, after Sputnik, fictional stories were effective in getting people interested in science and engineering and he observes that this would never have come about if Sputnik had been kept secret. He essentially implies that because Sputnik was not kept a secret at the time, this caused the development of the space race.


He talks about learning through the use of or through reading “stories” and through rational inquiry  and how “we’ve adapted our story telling.”


He then proceeds to talk about a UFO incident with an aircraft carrier – the USS Nimitz. He recounts the incident and says that you can search for details using keywords “Nimitz UFO 2004 There I was”


Mellon suggests that congress could request a briefing with the people here if they wished to learn more. He asks the question, that if they don’t ask for such a briefing,  “How can they accurately assess threats to our forces and our military requirements[vii]?” He later says “Without the facts neither congress nor our democracy can function effectively…”


He suggests that from the work of “To The Stars” “A renewed interest in space and science will inevitably result and our government and society will respond. But we can only rise to the challenge once the public becomes aware a problem exists.” He says “We are a corporation with a public purpose and we are all about combining the light of reason and passion of art to stimulate new thinking and discoveries.”


He then says “To the Stars Academy provides an opportunity to embark on an unprecedented journey of storytelling exploration and innovation. This is more than a commercial venture – it is an intellectual adventure.”


Luis Elizondo


Elizondo reported that his work involving assessing “Advanced aerial threats – unidentified aerial technologies.” And he continues  “It was in this position that I learned that the phenomena is indeed real.”


The rest of his discussion is essentially about logging UFO/UAP observations, using Phone apps and so forth so that people can observe things in real time and log and network their observations too[viii]. (Hasn’t this been going on, but not quite in real time for 70 years?)


Steve Justice


He starts by saying that he “wanted to talk about Rock Music and TDL wanted to talk about airplanes.” He said that by being part of a panel of people,  “To me this makes it real and that means ‘it can be done’ So if it can be done, let’s trust their position. One of the things I wanna do is figure out what those technologies are in this observed  vehicle and I want to build that[ix]. I wanna build something that absolutely stimulates the imagination. To the Stars Academy is structured to do just that.”


Justice talks about “connecting the dots from the data (observations) in ways they have never been able to do before.” He says “the community of interests that Lou referred to is going to be critical for that.” Justice said  he wants to understand what the data means. He said the aerospace division (of TTSA) is going harvest understanding and technologies from the science division, so that the technologies can be demonstrated and prototypes built “even production systems that can change life as we know it.”


He agreed that they would use “entertainment to inform educate and inspire.”


Then he talked about mobile phones and how they would have been classified technology in 1976. He talks about there being no cars (in the future) and how we need to have a different mind set.


He suggests “You can’t live without a smartphone…” He references how some people might suggest that developing very advanced technologies cannot be done…” and how that mindset should be discouraged.


Promotional Video


I noticed in the video it has “one eye” and obelisk symbolism and it gives no information about what has already been achieved (in secret) – instead talks about doing things in the future.


In the video, Puthoff says “We know warp drive is not out of the question.” Jim Semivan wants to “get to the bottom of ESP and telepathy” even though they were investigated by the CIA over 40 years ago[x].


Luis says “there are physics we don’t quite understand – it doesn’t mean they are not real.” Later he says “The fact is, we might not necessarily be alone[xi].”


There is a very brief clip of a few frames from the TR3B CGI hoax video (there are several different postings of this video, said to be in different places.)


TDL refers to “unique story-telling experiences” which will be presented in a way  which “educates innovates and entertains and presents a positive and unifying message to all generations in every country and every belief system.” [xii]


Harold  Puthoff says “Let’s try to get to 25th Century Science this century.” The video then shows a military plane in a hanger, a satellite, a chemical rocket and a model plane.


TDL says he wants “To help build a paradigm shifting global movement.” He characterises TTS as a public benefit corporation.


Following the video he makes various other statements including that they want to launch satellites into space with lasers (another 20-30 year old idea) or “making major motion pictures that spark the imagination of generations to come.” TDL says “We must relentlessly pursue access to the information [xiii] that will shape our future.”


TDL encourages us to “Think about the realities of what this team has to accomplish.”


Comments and Analysis


A few things stand out from this presentation. The phrase/word “storytelling” is used quite a few times and reference is made to “movies” and “entertainment.” It’s almost as if truly thought provoking films like “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and Paul Davids “Roswell” TV Movie from 1994 are ignored. Even films like “The Matrix” could have been mentioned.


The use of a lighthouse in Chris Mellon’s presentation is reminded me of the Masonic Torch symbol/motif. [Leslie Kean interviewed Mellon in May 2017.]


This is much more a “sales and investor pitch” than any kind of disclosure. The term “UFO” is rarely used, which is interesting to me. A couple of times (or more) the phrase Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) is used. I note this because it is something Hilary Clinton talked about in her Jimmy Kimmel Interview. There is no new information in this presentation. Almost everything is referred to in the future tense and there is no substance to any of the presentations. Only one UFO/UAP incident is discussed and the speaker openly states the story is already on the Web anyway.


It appears this TTSA company is essentially CIA-run and perhaps just another honeypot to attract punters and maybe even some whistleblowers. This seems to be essentially what Steven Greer’s disclosure project became in its later incarnations, if not in its original one. The difference here with TTSA is there is no new information about UFO crashes, retrieval of bodies, work on technologies etc etc. There is almost nothing of substance.


At the end of the presentation, TDL encourages people to go to his website and “Join us and own a piece of this and go and invest on the website…” However, if you are a smart investor, wouldn’t you be asking “What I am investing in?” In the presentation, only general ideas are specified and no specific projects are discussed. One “mock up” prototype aircraft (which doesn’t look like a flying saucer, nor does it look like a conventional aircraft) is shown. Another reference is to using a 30-40 year old technology – to use lasers to launch a craft. So, if you invest money, will they tell you secrets?


TDL suggests that “these guys went out on a limb” But did they? What have they disclosed? If you find anything I have missed, please write and tell me about it!


Real Disclosure Versus Fake or No Disclosure


As I have said many times real disclosure must include things that were actually deliberately (it seems) not  talked about in this presentation. These would be the disclosures given by people like Edgar Fouche, Bob Jacobs, Gordon Cooper and others. It must also include a disclosure of what people like Harold Puthoff know about 911 and who sanctioned the destruction of the WTC and whose technology was used to do it.


My advice? Don’t accept anything less. National and Global Security depends on us knowing the answers to the questions and points I raised in this, the final part of this article. I want to see every single member of this TTSA panel read and comment publicly, accurately and honestly on the contents of Dr Judy Wood’s book “Where did the Towers Go?” I really don’t think “TTSA Inc” will ever be up to that job, though I would love to be proved wrong…





A very interesting video looking at the interconnection between the companies associated with TTSA is included below.


[i] I am glad he stated this so openly!

[ii] I think he is saying here that DoD people get special treatment and aren’t really going to tell you any secrets anyway – because they would then be at a strategic disadvantage. This basically means that in any environment where there is a military force working in secrecy, there won’t be any planned voluntary disclosures at all by them.

[iii] I think he is saying here that there is a cover up the UFO phenomenon, but the people that are on this panel will not talk about it.

[iv] So is surrounding the secret a bit like a cover up? I thought disclosure involved breaking the cover that is over a secret?

[v] This could be the only disclosure in this whole presentation! Psychic Spies are still operating in 2017! (Perhaps they use them to help maintain the overall cover up…?)

[vi] This probably means we won’t be seeing any disclosures of any kind from Skunk Works. Perhaps we should therefore value what Boyd Bushman told us even more highly.

[vii] Is this a way of saying that by scaring members of congress, more money could be earmarked for black programmes…?

[viii] Will this mean an even quicker response time for black ops teams to come in when an incident happens? (I doubt it as it appears that they have far better detection systems than the human senses at the moment. Maybe they use Psychic Spies…)

[ix] Completely absent here is any suggestion of captured or already constructed technology, such as that discussed by Mark McCandlish and certain witness to UFO crash retrievals.

[x] Why doesn’t Servian talk to Puthoff? He would be able to find out about the projects which involved Uri Geller and Edgar Mitchell.

[xi] This is just a limited hangout. He should know craft have crashed previously and been recovered. As have bodies.

[xii] Is he telling us he basically wants to make Science Fiction Films and use the money to build interesting gadgets or prototypes like crowd funders have, in some cases, already build?

[xiii] So does this mean TDL’s company does not, after all, have any access to such information…? I thought that’s what he was bringing out!

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