More Tom DeLonge – the Joe Rogan Podcast

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2017-11-03 10:52:28

On 26 October 2017, TDL was interviewed in Joe Rogan Experience #1029. I was alerted to this by the author of this blog:  who has, as the title shows, done a part-transcript.  I listened to this interview, but was slightly off-put by the amount of swearing and smutty remarks, which was distracting in this context and seemed to get excessive at times.  There was nothing in this interview which changed my thoughts on my previous analysis/posting (which Gary Heseltine has kindly published in the current UFO truth Magazine):  The blog above points out that the only company TDL mentions is… SAIC.  At one point in the interview, DeLonge talks of the TR3B and then Rogan shows one of the fake videos of it briefly (clearly a CGI affair). It was Ed Fouche that disclosed the TR3B’s existence in 1998 – and I interviewed Ed for 5 hours where he gave more details. TDL did not mention Ed Fouche – or that the information is 19 years old.  TDL mentions there is indeed a secret space program. I agree and have written talked about this too in the past – as have many others such as Mark McCandlish, Bill Uhouse and so forth (none of this is referenced).  Another theme that is apparent is the one of “jam tomorrow”

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